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Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Today – How far do you want to go?

Have you examined yet how metal additive manufacturing could provide you with parts with features that could give you a significant competitive advantage?

You probably know the limitations of traditional metal manufacturing techniques, such as machining or casting, and the problems that result from joining parts with welds or screws. Your designs will have been constrained by what can be produced at an acceptable price, and if you have any quality problems they possibly come from compromises you have had to make during the design process. But what if those limitations were no longer there? What if you could produce the part lighter or stronger only where it was required? What would you do?

Croft Additive Manufacturing has been set up specifically to provide metal additive manufactured components and assemblies to industry. Formed from the knowledge gained in overcoming constraints in traditional filter design, Croft Additive Manufacturing is now applying that knowledge to support manufacturing industry to produce parts previously not thought possible.

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