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We have over a quarter of a century of experience and expertise in the field of industrial cleaning within the commercial and industrial kitchen industry.

Our expertise in industrial cleaning incorporates kitchen and ventilation systems and we have a team that is available to assist you with your requirements and enquiries. We are able to provide a range of industrial cleaning services so please visit our website for more information.

Our service includes:

  • High pressure steam cleaning
  • Toilet and washroom deep cleaning
  • Full kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Canopy and hood deep cleans
  • Filter replacement
  • Extraction ducting cleans
  • Fan motor cleans

Kitchen Deep Clean

Our service provides a quality and professional kitchen deep clean. This service includes a complete top to bottom service and we will strip down any hot cooking equipment and thoroughly clean them.

Our kitchen deep clean service will benefit your business in the following way:

  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Prolong the life of your equipment and increase prolong its efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of pest infection
  • Improve airflow and quality  of the kitchen environment
  • Keeps the workforce and EHO happy
Kitchen Deep Clean

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

We can also give you an essential kitchen extraction cleaning service tackling the biggest risk area of your kitchen in terms of health and safety.

Fire is always a risk in kitchens and our kitchen extraction cleaning service will clean grease build-up -- one of the main causes of fire on kitchens. Our kitchen extraction cleaning service can also lead to an increase in performance of your equipment as well as reducing the fire risks.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Washroom and Toilet Cleaning

We also provide a quality washroom and toilet cleaning service to ensure all your areas are safe and clean.

Our washroom and toilet cleaning service will help with prolonging your equipment and drainage system as well as maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment.

Our washroom and toilet cleaning service also reduces the chance of blockages, call outs, repairs and sickness related to your workforce.

Washroom and Toilet Cleaning

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