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Crowthorne Hi-Tec Services are not designers or builders of cleanroom or cleanroom equipment and therefore provide a completely unbiased report on the performance achieved. We can service and validate a variety of cleanroom and clean air systems from multiple suppliers in a single convenient package.
Types of Clean Room Facilities
•    Pharmaceutical: Aseptic suites, Pharmacies / Radio Pharmacies
•    Microelectronic facility validation in accordance with design briefs
•    PSU, CSSD and Mortuary Departments
•    HEPA filter supply, installation and certification
We carry out commissioning and validation of all cleanroom facilities from small hospital pharmacies to multimillion pound pharmaceutical production or micro-electronics class 1 facilities.
All tests are undertaken in accordance with the latest standards [cGMP, National and International standards], using the latest test equipment calibrated to National Standards.
In fact we can undertake any validation procedures associated with clean room commissioning for the micro-electronic, pharmaceutical and allied industries.
Clean Air Equipment
We can service and validate all types of clean air equipment including microbiological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, compressed air supplies, LEV systems, laminar flow equipment and isolators. Combining servicing of equipment and facility into a single service package can reduce downtime and save costs.
Routine Service Checks
•    Airflow balancing
•    Setting room over pressure gradients
•    Calibration of magnehelic gauges and pressure sensors
•    Airflow visualization
•    Record light levels [were specified]
•    Noise level readings (inc. octave band analysis as dB(lin), dB(A),‘NC’ or ‘NR’ curves)
•    Check operation of control systems
•    Airborne particle counting (from 0.1 to 25mm)
•    Inspect pre-filter [replace as required]
•    Filter integrity testing (including DOP, PSL and ambient challenges)
•    Temperature and humidity recording (single point or data logging)
•    Structural induction leak checking
•    Issue a report of results
The above are generic specifications and can be tailored to suit customer requirements.


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