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We are passionate about contract electronics manufacturing and the high standard of services we provide.

Having invested in a broad range of facilities and modernised equipment, we support the contract electronics manufacturing of products ranging from PCBs to boxed units. High-quality and efficient deliveries coupled with low prices gives us the competitive edge.

Surface Mount

We specialise in surface mount PCB assembly. We continually invest in some of the finest equipment available for surface mount PCB assembly, providing speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Our Europlacer placement machines use rapid-change intelligent feeders and handle components from 01005 resistors to ball grid array (BGA) fine pitch devices up to 70mm square.

All common PCB substrate materials are populated, including FR4, flexi, flexi-rigid, aluminium and PTFE. Pb (if RoHS exempt) and Pb free processes.

Our SMT PCB processes are fully supported by experienced IPC trained technicians, using the finest and latest technology equipment for process set-up and verification.

Through Hole PCB Assembly

We have extensive expertise with through hole PCB assembly. We consistently deliver high-quality population of through hole printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our IPC A 610 trained operators and technicians deploy a vast range of tools and machines for performing all of the required operations.

Through hole components are formed, populated and soldered to PCBs by hand or automatic soldering processes as below.

  • Selective soldering - this automatic process saves cost by being faster and more repeatable than hand soldering
  • Wave soldering - two Blundell CMS400 wave solder machines offer volume soldering capability for tin-lead and unleaded solder respectively, according to the RoHS compliance of the product being processed
  • Automatic and manual conformal coating and encapsulation services are also available if required for operation where safety, security or humidity are an issue

For more information on through hole PCB assembly, visit our website.

General Assembly and Wiring

For the general assembly and wiring of your product, we offer a range of comprehensive services.

Whether your product is a small batch complex instrument rack, a sub-assembly or high volume commercial item, we can assist with all aspects of general assembly and wiring.

We currently produce a vast range of items from control panels to telecoms switching units.

Box Build

At CT Production, we appreciate that every product is different so we customise our assembly lines to optimise the PCB assembly and box build process.

Our skilled workforce comprises of experienced technicians and multi-skilled operators who cater for variations in complexity and volume, from simple plastic box to complex rack assembly.

For more information on box build, visit our website.

Conformal Coating and Encapsulation

With our automated processes, we deliver cost effective and accurate conformal coating and encapsulation for the protection of products in challenging environments, or for components simply requiring a security seal.

Our conformal coating and encapsulation service promotes safer and cleaner environments and our expertise in both processes delivers consistent results every time.

Quality Inspection

We have invested heavily in equipment, personnel and effective quality systems to continually deliver high-quality products built to perfection. For quality inspection, we utilise both automatic and manual optical inspection for our PCB assemblies and for other appropriate processes. This results in improved costs and quality in comparison to in-circuit tests for example.

For more information on our quality inspection services and guarantees, visit our website.

X ray and Ersascope Inspection

Our in-house x-ray and Ersascope inspection provides the highest standards for PCB, BGA or similar device examination.

Part defects are detected and a detailed analysis is programmed to run repeatable routines with our X-Tek Hawk x-ray machine. The Ersascope offers beneficial features for BGA and PCB inspection complementing x-ray analysis perfectly.

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