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We supply, manufacture and install quality safety barrier systems including Armco Barriers and Open Box Beam Barriers in standard and bespoke designs.

Armco Barriers are renowned for the protection they provide to property and machinery against damage. Armco Barriers can be used in many locations both internally and externally. There are many different configurations of Armco Barriers so please contact us for more details.

Armco Crash Barrier Systems

Armco crash barrier systems are extremely versatile and can be used as single or multiple height crash barriers. Armco crash barrier systems can also have a handrail attached to be used with pedestrians.

Armco crash barrier systems come with rails 3,500mm long and they can be curved to your needs. Armco crash barrier systems come with a range of leg types and terminal ends and accessories.

Open Box Beam

We manufacture and supply Open Box Beam barriers and Double Rail Open Box Beam barriers that are ideal for road safety applications. We can deliver your Open Box Beam barriers direct from our stock.

Open Box Beam barriers are for use on road edges and in the central reservation of motorways and high-speeds roads. They can also be used off road where it is necessary.


We are a leading manufacturer of bollards and use the latest technology to produce the products of the highest possible quality.

We produce bollards designed for many applications. Our bollards range includes, retractable posts, static steel bollards, polymer bollards, and hoop barriers. For more information on any of these bollard products, please visit our website.

Steel Handrails

We can offer a wide range of steel handrails offering a cost-effective pedestrian barrier system. As part of our steel handrails service, we have clamp fitting systems designed to be easy and for DDA compliancy.

We also manufacture steel handrails with close protection systems, ball type and fully-welded steel handrail systems.

Warehouse Protection

We can manufacture a wide range of warehouse protection systems ideal for internal and external use. Our warehouse protection systems are primarily used to protect the building, personnel and equipment in the warehouse.

Our warehouse protection systems include height restrictors, column protectors, edge protection, walkway protection and external protection to name a few.

Safety Barriers

We are specialists in the manufacture and supply of safety barriers.

Our safety barriers include safety fencing, hoop barriers, cycle stands, smoking shelters, site security, and general fabrication.


At CT Safety Barriers, we offer a huge choice of safety handrails that can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Our range of handrails include:

  • Clamp fitting steel handrails
  • DDA compliant clamp fitting steel handrails
  • Free standing roof edge protection
  • Ball type handrails

All our handrail systems are made to the highest quality standards, using a range of materials (including mild or stainless steel) and fittings, such as our malleable clamps for easy installation. Our handrail installations are ideal for offering versatile and tactile systems suitable for a range of applications, from pedestrian barriers and fencing to roof top fall prevention and wheelchair access ramps. For further information on our handrail systems please visit our website.

Crash Barriers

Our Armco crash barriers can be used as either single or multiple height systems, creating a range of safety barriers to protect assets, property and people from injury or damage from moving vehicles. Each of our crash barriers are either bolted down or cast into the ground, with the option for the legs to be adapted to integrate an integral handrail system for pedestrians. All our barriers are manufactured to meet BS6399, BS6180:1999 and galvanised to EN ISO1461, suitable for both inside and outside use.

Crash barrier rails are available 3500mm long with a barrier rail thickness of 3mm. We also provide a cutting service, ensuring we are able to provide you with the exact size to suit your requirements. We can also curve barrier rails to suit your needs. Each of our crash barriers come with a range of leg options, from different sizes to styles including both mild and stainless steel, along with various terminal ends and accessories.

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