Cube Precision Engineering Ltd

At Cube Precision Engineering, we are involved in the design and manufacture of bespoke tools, jigs and fixtures for the aerospace, rail, white goods and automotive industries. We have a wealth of experience in delivering precision and low volume parts and press tools using our excellent range of tryout presses.  

As press tool manufacturers, we design and manufacture progression dies, transfer tooling and single op tools as well as brackets for seating components, B door pillars, floor panels and car components.

Large CNC Machining

Specialising in large scale projects, we have the ability to serve a wide range of industries with our large CNC machining facilities. We have the lift capacity of up to 35 tonnes and try-out facilities up to 1,000 tonnes and host eleven CNC machines altogether each operating 24hrs a day, five days a week.

Composite Tooling

At Cube Precision Engineering, we have a wealth of experience in composite tooling, pressing, milling and prototyping. We have specialist in-house facilities for precision composite tooling and parts manufacture, and our highly skilled staff have the expertise to work with a variety of projects from the aerospace industry to the automotive sector.

Aerospace Machining

We have established ourselves as one of the nation’s leading toolmakers in the aerospace sector.

For the aerospace industry, we offer a valuable service utilising the abilities of our large CNC milling capacity to manufacture prototype engine parts for the latest aero-engine programmes.

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