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We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective electronic design and electronic development services for all sorts of electronic products. If you need your product designed, or your development team need extra manpower on a flexible basis when they are overstretched, or you require assistance in updating old products, at Culver Consultancy we can help.

With a wealth of experience, at Culver Consultancy we are capable of microprocessor software development using C, Assembly Language and Forth with chips from all the major suppliers including Microchip, NXP, Atmel, ST etc.  We also have broad experience with sensors using precision analogue circuitry.  We can write technical PC software applications.  All electronic design work and software is developed in-house.  Through trusted partners we can handle the specification, design and prototyping of PCBs.

Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems power a multitude of equipment providing solid, reliable, products. We can help with projects on all scales, from systems as small as a pump controller, to multi-channel data recording embedded systems and offer broad experience with assembly languages specialising in Forth and C.

Our experience with writing code and interfacing covers a vast field of processors including PIC families, many ARM variants, 68000 series, the 8051 family and the Z80 family.


  • Our experience with numerous protocols and applications covers USB, MilCAN, CANopen, Serial, InfraRed etc. etc.
  • We are  very familiar with low power techniques.
  • We have accumulated wide experience with a very wide range of sensors, transducers and other peripherals
  • Market areas include Telecoms, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation .


Our specialist skills with interfacing numerous protocols and applications are highly useful when making decisions regarding the trade-offs between hardware and software. We are capable of handling mixed signal designs and have broad experience with precision analogue measurement for instrumentation.

PC Software

For situations where off-the-shelf PC software is too limiting, we can supply fully featured and updated Windows applications. Our expertise also enables us to write bespoke PC software for specialist applications including data logging and control of specialist equipment.  We use Microsoft .NET development tools.

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