Custom Foams


A division of Vita Cellular Foams (UK) Ltd, at Custom Foams we are the market leader in technical foam conversion offering a range of products for a variety of applications including filtration, noise control, thermal insulation and protective packaging.

We have the manufacturing capabilities to help with your foam conversion enquiries. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Block Cutting
  • Contour Cutting
  • Die Cutting
  • Impregnation
  • Lamination
  • Profiling
  • Surface Coating

Polyurethane Foam

Vita Cellular Foams is the largest polyurethane foam manufacturer in Europe and has a wide range of products to meet a variety of applications. As part of Vita Cellular Foams at Custom foams we supply in addition to polyurethane foams, melamine based foams and post-treated impregnated materials. 

Foam Suppliers

As a division of the market leading Vita Cellular Foams, at Custom foams we are top foam suppliers to diverse industrial markets.

Over the past decade, we have invested in the most advanced processing equipments in the industry and have developed high-speed and efficient manufacturing techniques to maintain our world reputation as foam suppliers.

Reticulated Foams

We offer the widest range of reticulated polyurethane foams in the UK, coming in a variety of colours. Our reticulated polyurethane foams also come in both polyether and polyester types. Our post-treated impregnated filter foams offer enhanced physical and chemical properties for the most demanding applications.

Acoustic Foam

We have an excellent range of acoustic foams including polyurethane based products, melamine based materials and a wide range of impregnated foams.

Acoustic foams are perfectly designed for noise control, and our range boasts excellent sound absorption properties for many environments and applications.

Melamine Foam

Basotect is a lightweight open cell melamine foam product made from melamine resin, which offers high sound absorption and good thermal insulation. Melamine foam is used extensively in the construction, transport and air conditioning industries and is well suited to high temperature environments.

Filter Foam

 At Custom Foams, we offer the widest range of filter foams in the UK that include both polyether and polyester types. Our post-treated impregnated filter foams offer enhanced physical and chemical properties for the most demanding applications.

Conductive Foam

In recent years we have developed an extensive collection of both conductive and anti-static foam products for a range of applications in the electronics industry.

Conductive foam applications include static dissipative foams for the protective packaging of circuit boards and microwave absorbing foams for the telecoms market.


At Custom Foams we manufacture a comprehensive range of filtration media based on reticulated foams and post treatment technology. We supply foam products for both aquatic filtration and air filtration.

Noise Control

As part of the largest polyurethane foam manufacturer in Europe, we have a wide range of acoustic foams to meet the highest demands for noise control in a variety of applications, including engine noise reduction in the transport industry and sound reduction in industrial equipment.

Thermal Insulation

For thermal insulation, we offer excellent acoustic foam solutions including open and closed cell materials. Whether you require thermal insulation for heat shielding, tanks or equipment protection, we are confident we can help.

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