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Custom Haulage Ltd based in Sheffield is one of the industry leading haulage companies due to our extensive national customer base. We provide leading haulage transport in Sheffield.


Whether you require haulage and transport solutions for Sheffield or road transport logistics for Yorkshire, we are more than capable and recognise the importance of logistics to ensure your goods arrive in a good condition and a timely manner.

For any queries on Haulage Transport Sheffield please do not hesitate to contact us.

Haulage Transport Yorkshire

Our haulage transport in Yorkshire meets of all the requirements you would have for a local service provider. Based in Yorkshire,  we specialise in haulage transport not just in Yorkshire, but nationwide.

Abnormal Loads

We are proud of a strong background in general haulage and abnormal load movements using our specialist trailers. Custom Haulage Ltd can provide a specialist tailored package to meet your requirements.

To discuss any abnormal loads requirement you may have, please contact us.

Return Loads

For all your return loads requirements, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We work your logistics teams to make sure the return loads meet your needs.

Haulage Trailers

Custom Haulage Ltd can provide a wide variety of haulage trailers for all of your requirements.

Examples of haulage trailers available include:

  • Flat trailer
  • Extending flat trailer
  • Curtain Sider
  • Skeletal
  • Step Frame

Nationwide Hauliers

Our haulage services can be described as simply outstanding and our nationwide hauliers service is next to none.

For peace of mind, all of our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking technology allowing us to be efficient and safe nationwide hauliers.

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