Custom Interconnect Ltd (CIL)

We provide a range of surface mount electronics assembly and our assembly area offers a combination of technical proficiency and flexibility. BGA, 0201 and the placement of bare die components are all common within the surface mount electronics assembly area. So is the use of leaded, unleaded and HMP solders.

Our surface mount electronics assembly line comprises of:

  • 3 Speed Print SP880 AVI Solder paste printers with vision.
  • 1 DEK Horizon O2i Solder Paste printer with vision.
  • 2 Tyco 1030/1020P in line system with high precision head
  • 1 Tyco 1030/1030P in line system with high precision head
  • 1 Tyco 1010 in Line 65,000 CPH in-line system
  • 1 Tyco 1030/1025P in line system with high precision head
  • 2 Tyco 1030 in line system
  • 4 off Quad QCR series Multi-zone forced air convection re-flow ovens.
  • Ersa PL550 A  SMT & BGA Re-work station

We have the facilities to assist production volumes varying in size from low or single numbers, up to thousands.

Electronics Product Management

Our electronics product management encompasses all our manufacturing services including assembly of printed circuit boards into the final product. Our electronics product management undertake simple, desktop instrumentation devices and hand held projects through to larger and more complex assembly of mechanical frames, mouldings and turned parts.

We use flowline production and inline testing to accommodate larger volumes and also use them for lower quantities and specialised builds.

We also undertake vigorous product testing and configuration benefitting clients from their respective production areas and then the finished project is shipped to the customer or end user.

Electronics Product Management

Rapid Prototyping

We offer a rapid prototyping and initial model production service. It provides a flexible production line, both surface mount and conventional assembly, and can be tailored to meet most production requirements.

Rapid prototyping accommodates low volume production where manufacturing takes between three to five days. Even same day production can be arranged to some customers.

Our micro-packing facility is also available to provide a comparable service but incurs some constraints on material curing cycles and process times.

Rapid Prototyping

Wire Bonding

We supply gold and aluminium wire bonding using ball bonding and wedge bonding. We have recently invested in this area and now have two fully automatic aluminium wedge bonders and an automatic gold ball bonder. We also have a manual heavy gauge aluminium wire bonder.

When our wire bonding facilities and high precision die bonders are combined we are able to provide our clients products unmatched by any other independent wire bonding facility in the UK.

Die Bonding

We offer both conductive and non-conductive die bonding using eutectic and epoxies solders. We have two automatic die bonding facilities and one manual die bonder. They are capable of both large throughputs and tight tolerances die placements.

Our die bonding machines are used for various semiconductor die types including ASIC, LED, MEM, and Sensor. Our die bonding service is used by the medical, industrial and commercial market sectors and is able to diebond to a range of materials including alumina, FR4, carbon fibre, metallised ceramic, and chip on flex.

 We have substantial experience in the bonding of optoelectronic die, LED arrays, thermal design and thermal management.

Die Bonding

Design For Manufacture

Our design for manufacture service offers a complete circuit and product design facility using CAD, PCB and Advanced Substrate Circuit Design. This all feeds into our range of technologies including Thru-Hole, SMT, Bare Die and Thick Film. We also have experience and specialise in the use of high brightness LEDs.

Our design for manufacture service combined with our knowledge and expertise provides clients with an exceptional facility capable of finding the correct solution for electronic circuitry in the most cost efficient and reliable way.

Design For Manufacture

Custom Interconnect Ltd (CIL) Overview