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Graphic Overlays from Instrument Component Labels provide the necessary brand identity, instructions, machine feedback and tactile feel necessary for effective interfaces with membrane switches and other panels. In addition, the Graphic Overlay defines key locations when used with mechanical switches. An effective Overlay is critical to the equipment user's experience. Every time an operator uses these Overlays, and the switches below them, they experience your company and the quality of your product.

Instrument Component Labels Limited provides a wide variety of custom Graphic and switch Overlays. Like all our products, we design and manufacture these Overlays with the graphics options and durability required by demanding markets and applications. Our capabilities ensure tight print and die cut or laser cut tolerances for all your Graphic Overlays.

We have some unique processes designed to provide our Customers with a cost and quality benefit. Consider our Laser cutting process in order to eliminate tooling costs

  • Instrument Fascias
  • Panel Fascias
  • Graphic Fascias
  • LED Overlays
  • Keypad Overlays
  • Membrane Overlays
  • Display Overlays
  • Product Graphics
  • Mylars
  • Fascia Graphics 

Produced specifically for customers requirements. As with all our products, we are pleased to assist at the design stage. If you would like to discuss your design requirements please contact us by email or calling us using the details on our contact page.

Membrane Graphic Keypads

A Membrane Keypad is made up of layers of plastic sheet, usually polyester. The layers are processed in such a way as to allow circuits to be made when the switch is pressed.

The top layer is a graphic overlay and makes the face of the product. Underneath the Graphic layer is a spacer layer which has holes cut into it to allow the switch to actuate and complete the circuit which is on the third layer. All the layers are bonded together with adhesive.

Our approach to the design and application is what separates us from our competition we have a vast experience to draw from. Utilising conventional and our unique processes allows for a very cost effective product especially in the 'set-up' costs which normally are very competitive. Utilising our Laser Cutting process allows for some considerable savings on hard tooling and increased levels of accuracy.

Applications include:

  • Industrial controls
  • Access control systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunications apparatus
  • Telephone systems
  • Household appliances
  • Security systems
Membrane Graphic Keypads

High Volume manufacturing & Die cutting

ICL has invested in a fully automated punch press in the UK, and, together with ¾ automatic screen printing equipment, make us the only Company in the UK to be able to offer high quality, high volume die-cutting with typical cost savings of 70%.

Higher speed

  • The ¾ automatic screen printing equipment is faster than a typical semi-automatic or manual press.
  • They operate at and run twice as fast at 230 passes per hour.
  • The automatic punching press typically runs at 80 operations per minute, 20 times faster than a platen press, with a less expensive smaller tool.

Lower cost

  • Lower labour costs because of the higher speed
  • Lower tooling costs because a typical automated tool uses only a single row of 1-5 impressions
  • Lower printing costs and material wastage because impressions are closer together

More precision

  • Each row of impressions is digitally registered, significantly reducing misalignment caused by material expansion or distortion

More detail and flexibility

  • Digital registered impressions allow sequential impressions to be overlaid with precision.

Suitable for die-cutting up to 220mm x 300mm: e.g.

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  • Labels
  • Keypads
  • Flat sheet components
  • Membership cards
  • Shims
  • Gaskets
  • Small packets
High Volume manufacturing & Die cutting

Graphics Laser cutting and Etching

ICL has invested in Print to Laser production process, and, together with i-cut CCD technology, makes us the only Company in the UK to be able to offer high quality, high volume laser-cut labels, displays and overlays with no expenditure on Die Cut Tooling.

Higher Quality

  • The Trotec S500, 240W laser is extremely accurate.
  • The i-cut CCD system ensure cut to print registration is perfect.
  • The Laser cutting system allows for very intricate shapes to be produced.

Lower cost

  • No Tooling costs, this process replaces conventional die cutting techniques.
  • Lower set-up costs, the Trotec Laser is set up in less than half the time of a platen press.
  • Lower Prototype costs as profiles can be run quickly and efficiently.

More Flexibility

  • Cutting profiles can be adjusted very quickly without the need for re-investing in hard tooling.
  • i-cut technology will eliminate any in-process print mis-alignments with the need to reset press alignment.

Suitable for products up to 700mm x 1300mm

  • Labels
  • Keypads
  • Flat sheet components
  • Display Windows
  • Shims
  • Gaskets
  • Small packets

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Graphics Laser cutting and Etching

Labels and Tags

Self Adhesive labels are the core of our business. We can supply on a huge range of materials. Each label is specifically designed for its particular application according to our Customer requirements. We can Laser cut and digitally cut our labels which avoids the need for tooling costs.

  • Warning labels
  • Display labels
  • Bar Code Labels
  • Roll Labels
  • ID Labels
  • Logo Labels
  • Full Colour Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Serial Number Labels
  • Asset Tags
  • Swing Tags

As with all our services, we are pleased to assist at the design stage. Please call for further details.

Labels and Tags

Panel Printing or Direct Printing

Instrument Component Labels provided custom marking onto either customer supplied panels or we can source the panels ourselves from either a customer approved or one of our approved suppliers.

We are able to produce multi-colour panel prints on awkward shapes and can print onto almost any surface.

We can utilise any of the following internal processes:

  • Screen Printing
  • Laser etching
  • Pad or Tampo Printing

And Print onto the following products:

  • Panels
  • Chassis
  • Injection mouldings
  • Promotional Items
  • Display Boards
  • Glass
  • Golf Balls
  • Rotary Mouldings
  • Blow Mouldings

Our attention to detail as our tight production tolerances allow for a very high level of quality

We can also arrange for collection and delivery of goods.

We print to customers specifications and provide a proof prior to production. We Also have a standard price list for panels, please ask for details or click Here.

Panel Printing or Direct Printing

Digital Printing

Instrument Component Labels also offers a most effective and versatile print process referred to as Digital Printing.

A high definition print ensures a sharp, clear and faithful reproduction of original artwork. Full colour capabilities, calibrated to exact colour matches guarantees that the final product meets requirements. Disk to print technology means speed of process without the need of a photo tool.

Flexibility allows bar coding and sequential numbering being utilised useful and often an essential requirement. An incorporated profile cutting application means the need of profile tooling is not required. This saves time and costs. A wide range of materials are available ensuring a substantial choice. It is an ideal tool for smaller high quality print runs.

  • Labels 
  • Graphic Overlays
  • Construction Signs
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Signs
  • Banners
  • Warning signs
  • Instruction Signs
  • Vinyl Cut Lettering
  • Bunting

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Digital Printing

Domed Labels or 3D Labels

Polydoming is an excellent way of enhancing the visual effect of labels.


The polyurethane is applied as the final operation after the label has been cut. It is applied in liquid form and flows to the outside edge of the label and sets after 24 hours giving an impressive 3D effect similar to embossing. The durability can be varied by using different types of polyurethane to give either a harder or softer feel. The application of the 'bubble' or 'Dome' can be applied to almost any type of label produced by a variety of processes including digital, flexography, letterpress, screen printing, lithography.

  • Labels
  • Decals
  • Nameplates
  • Badges
  • Logos
  • Bubble labels
  • Dome Labels
  • Automotive badges

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Domed Labels or 3D Labels

Display Lenses or Windows

Instrument Component Labels Limited are Leaders in the production on Display Lenses and Windows

Utilising our high quality screen printing department and laser cutting service we can produce very high quality display lenses. The lenses can be supplied with or without adhesive gaskets and are manufactured to very high tolerances. Materials can vary but usually they are manufactured from high tolerance acrylic sheet. Our Laser Cutting process really compliments this product and offers real saving for our Customers. Another added benefit is the flame polished finish left by the laser cut.

All processing is completed in-house to a very high standard which cuts lead times down to a very minimum and also keeps the unit costs down.

Typical applications include:

  • Marine equipment displays
  • Automotive displays
  • Hand-held devices
  • Access control displays
  • Mobile Phone displays
Display Lenses or Windows

Barcode labels and Serial Number Labels

Depending on the application roll labels can be made from a variety of materials ranging from a basic paper to sophisticated filmics. Adhesives can vary in strength depending on the application, and can include freezer proof and tamper-evident. When we know what you need to achieve we can advise on the most cost effective solution.

 Typical applications are as follows.

 Decorative labels
These are labels which are typically used to enhance your product, and are often colourful or eye catching in some way, sometimes including metallic foil.

 Rating labels
This is the type of label often found on the back of a product giving information about the product. It may contain serial numbers or sequential barcodes.

Asset labels
Usually numbered and barcoded, for keeping track of a companies fixed assets. 

Security or calibration labels
These labels are designed to show evidence of tampering if the label has been subject to attempted removal. In the first type the label is made of a fragile material with a very strong adhesive and breaks up into small pieces. In the second type the adhesive reveals a pattern such as the word VOID in the label and left behind on the product. 

Mark and seal labels
If you need to apply information to the label at the point of use, but also need a durable and hard wearing label then this is the answer. A laminated label, but with the backing paper left on part of the laminate, you can write on the labels and then remove the backing paper and complete the lamination. This means that the whole label, including your written information, has the protective benefit of the laminate. 

Serial numbered labels
Used for a variety of purposes we can provide numbered labels as stand alone labels, or serial numbers can be incorporated as part of a larger label. Sequential barcodes can also be included.

 Bar code labels
Becoming increasingly popular for a variety of uses, barcodes can be incorporated into almost any label, from simple paper retail codes to complex applications on rating plates. We have a wide experience with barcodes, and can advise on the best solution for your particular application.

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Barcode labels and Serial Number Labels

Sub Assembly & Other Services

Instrument Component Labels can provide other services that compliment our overall products and processes. These include:


We will be pleased to quote on your individual requirements. Click Here for more information.

  • Sub Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Delivery Logistics
  • Sub Contract sourcing
  • Re-Branding
  • Graphic Design
Sub Assembly & Other Services
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