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We are a well-established packaging company trading successfully since 1976. Based in Castleford, West Yorkshire, we specialise in polystyrene packaging.

The vast majority of our work is bespoke. Our factory is equipped with the latest block forming, package moulding and EPS cutting equipment ensuring we supply any polystyrene packaging or relative product you may require.

Polystyrene Boxes

We supply polystyrene boxes offering outstanding protection and temperature performance. These expanded polystyrene boxes are the first choice for use in Internet home deliveries.

Many sizes and specifications are available and sizes range from 8Ltr all the way up to 54Ltr.

Polystyrene Boxes

Foam Packaging

As well as polystyrene packaging, we also provide polyethylene packaging, a lightweight foam packaging designed to absorb the sort of knocks and scuffs that you'd normally associate with products in-transit.

If you have any specific foam packaging or other relative product needs, contact us for all of the solutions.

Foam Packaging

Beanbag Filling

We supply varying sizes of beanbag filling at cost-effective prices. As well as differing sizes, we also have two different lines, retardant beanbag filling and non-retardant micro bead filling.

Save money by buying your beanbag filling directly from us. Our service and quality is unbeatable.

Beanbag Filling

Letters and Logos (3D Graphics)

Using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), we create 3D letters and logos for 3D models, exhibition displays, theatrical sets and props. Whether you require a complete theatrical set or a complex logo, we have the ability to make your vision a reality.

Please visit our website for a complete list of specifications on our 3D letters and logos including thickness, density and colour requirements.

Letters and Logos (3D Graphics)


We use EPS as an insulator --  one of the best materials available on the market. Our EPS insulation is cost effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly. It does not contain any CFCs or HCFCs.

Our EPS insulation comes in the following configurations:

  • Wall insulation panels
  • Roof insulation panels
  • Floor insulation panels
  • Sound insulation panels
  • Under floor heating panels
  • Architectural components
  • Civil engineering applications
  • Flotation devices

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