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Cut Profiles Ltd is a die forme manufacturer with several years experience. We use both technological and traditional methods in the manufacturing of our die formes. Using flat bed cutting we can make the forme from a file, sample, and concept brief or mock up. Contact us now and see how we can help you in making your die forme.

CNC Router

At Cut Profiles, you can expect only the best when it comes to cutting any shape, no matter how tricky it may seem. With the best CNC router, we can cut any kind of material into the shape of choice. From paper, rubber, wood and other materials, your concept will be brought to fruition. We have over 18 years experience and our staff is well trained in flatbed cutting. Apart from cutting we also help in the design of the product or refine any concept that you may have to ensure accurate and wonderful results. This is a team that you can trust to give you the best.

Cutting Formes

Think of a cutting forme as a “Gingerbread Cutter” which has been placed in a machine so that several similar shapes can be cut out of any material. We can create the forme from a digital file, technical drawing, sample, or film; we can also create one from a concept that you may have.  We take the time to understand the needs of the customer and this way, we have managed to build a longstanding relationship with all of them. We are one of the leading cut forme designers in the United Kingdom, so you can be sure that you have come to the best.

Die Cutting

Cut Profiles uses various cutting dies to cut designs out of several types of materials. We are able to cut fabric, paper, sheet plastic, rubber, cork thin metals, and a lot more. You only need to contact us and let us know that material that you want for your product. We do different kinds of runs depending on the volume that you need. We can help you with the assembly of a product that has several parts; we stand with you from the start to the end. Apart from cutting dies, we can also source a flatbed press for you.

Cutting Pads

Die cutting involves different operations and machinery, and this is why Cut Profiles provides the best cutting pads in the business. We make our pads or bards from polypropylene and nylon. You will decide on the sizes and thickness of the pad that you need. The cutting pads are designed for several different die cutting machines such as swing arm clicker, roller presses, automatic die cutters, beam cutting presses, and many more. The materials also work well with all conventional die, knives and tools. Contact us now and get advice from our experienced staff on any die cutting production that you want.

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