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We now supply MC4 Solar Connectors. As a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components, we are excited to announce the range of MC4 Solar Connectors. These top of the range solar connectors are two-piece solar PV connectors offering the benefit of not needing a crimp tool for assembly.

The unique design of the IP67-rated connector reduces solar PV system installation time and complexity, and eliminates the need to carry a heavy crimp tool.

For more information on the MC4 Solar Connectors.

Power Supplies Wall Adaptors

We are a well-established supplier of electro-mechanical components, power supplies, wall adaptors and sub-assemblies from some of the leading manufacturers.

Our customers include original equipment manufacturers, contract electronic manufacturers and distributors. Part of our service includes offering proven technologies and components backed with the right knowledge to improve decision making and time to market.

Whatever you're power supplies or wall adaptorsrequirements, our V-infinity range will provide the answer. The range is an internationally known leader in the power conversion industry.

High Performance Batteries

We can offer a quality high performance batteries service covering standard batteries and rechargeable batteries in standard sizes. As part of our high performance batteries service, we can provide bespoke battery design to meet the demands of OEM designs.

Our high performance batteries service offers you complete design and prototyping and we can manufacture over 750,000 cell packs a week.

Our batteries include:

  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Lithium Ion/Polymer Lithium Ion (LiB)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)

Any of our batteries can be assembled into bespoke cell packs. Please contact us to find out about our high performance batteries service.

Interconnect Solutions

We are a UK-franchised distributor for numerous interconnect solutions manufacturers including Yamaichi, CUI, ODU and Erni. We offer a huge range of interconnect solutions from board level interconnect to military specification IP69K connectors, D-Type, USB, RJ45, Magjack, GigE, ZIF, FPC, FFC, RCA, Audio, DC jacks, waterproof and custom solutions.

Front Panel (HMI)

Front Panel (HMI), or human machine interface, is designed to increase the ability of the end user to interact with the product.

We can offer custom-design front panel (HMI) services for your solutions. Whether this be a short-run prototype or volume production, utilising rubber, plastic, membrane or Piezo technologies, we can help you identify the right solution.


Whether your requirement is for a subminiature actuator or a locking sensor on a submarine, Cynergistic Technologies can offer a solution. We are the UK representative for Microprecision industrial microswitches, suitable for the most demanding applications. We can also offer high reliability standard V3 and V4 miniature microswitches that can be customised to meet your application requirement.

Plastic Enclosures

Pactec enclosures headquartered in Concordeville, PA offer a huge range of off-the-shelf plastic enclosures, suitable for use with electronic, test, measurement and medical applications, indoors or outdoors. Cynergistic Technologies can help you specify modifications to meet your plastic enclosures requirements. Those requirements may include EMI Shielding, Hot Stamping, Semi custom or custom enclosure design, Custom Colours, Pad Printing and more.

Depending on volume, we can also advise you on the most cost-effective plan for your project by utilising a "Die Bank" of part used tools. They can be remodified to your exact requirements at dramatically reduced capital costs.

Power Supplies

Whether your requirement is for five-watt plug top adaptors or 2.4kW fully protected metal frame embedded switch mode, power supplies by CUI's V-Infinity range is a recognised World leader in power conversion. We can offer a huge range of CE, UL, CEC (to level V), FCC and medically approved power supplies and adaptor solutions for your application.

We also offer the full range of Novum Digital programmable DC converters from CUI. Please contact us to discuss with one of our application engineers. 

Speakers and Buzzers

We are able to supply speakers and buzzers that are ideal for a variety of uses.

Our speakers and buzzers are suitable for general audio indication with or without an internal driver, Piezo or magnetic driver. To supply simply a piezo driver element for in house development, we can offer the full range of CUI indicators and buzzers

If your requirement is for more professional quality loudspeakers with power handling of up to 100W RMS, or low flux leakage there is a solution from CUI. 


Whether your requirement is for vandal proof IP68 rugged switches or subminiature tactile reset button switches, we can offer a huge range of product solutions from ESwitch.

Custom switches designs include illumination and bezel options, as well as actuation force and finish. 

Test and Burn in Connectors

Cynergistic Technologies are the UK-franchised representative for two world leaders in test and burn in connectors solutions.

Yamaichi Electronics are the world’s leading manufacturer of Test & Burn-In sockets for semiconductor production and test. You can be sure you will be getting the best test and burn in connectors solution possible for your needs. Since first introducing products more than 50 years ago, Yamaichi have stayed at the forefront of new technologies and now offer the most comprehensive range in the marketplace. As well as a huge portfolio of standard sockets, Yamaichi are able to offer rapid custom solutions from as little as one socket through to fully integrated test solutions. All the products can be supplied either stand alone or together with the printed circuit boards for either Test or Burn-In requirement

Aries Electronics a leading manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip™ technology. Aries Electronics, incorporated in 1972, began when the founders purchased the back panel line from Thomas and Betts Corporation. This line included IC sockets, headers, and printed circuit cards. Under Aries, the line has expanded to encompass a wide variety of packaging products, including sockets, headers and covers, programmable devices and a variety of jumper and cable assemblies.


We offer a huge range of encoders - mechanical and optical, RGB illumination, customisable actuation force, up to 36,000 pulses per revolution long life. Whether your application is for precise low noise control of volume, or accurate shaft location in industrial applications, Cynergistic technologies can offer you encoders for your solution.

LED Technologies

LED technologies have long been the standard for illumination, indication and backlighting. They have progressed to compete with primary light sources such as CFL and fluorescent tubing as well as secondary and accent lighting.

We can identify the right LED technologies solution for you - whether this be a SMT LED, Power LED, RGB or single colour flexible strip for accent lighting with DMX control, or a primary light source replacement to cut your energy costs or a fully custom design. 

Cable Assemblies

Our cable assemblies service includes both off-the-shelf and custom cable assembly. We can provide a full turnkey solution for all of your cable harness and assembly needs.

As part of our cable assemblies service, we can also offer low volume quotes and fast delivery of samples of custom cables. Copper, Fibre, FPC and RF cable assemblies can all be manufactured by us to your exact specifications and they are compliant to all necessary external approvals standards. 

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