dalau Ltd


dalau is the largest PTFE processor in the United Kingdom. It has subsidiaries in New Hampshire, USA and Turkheim, Germany.  We specialise in producing high quality


All manufactured using only the finest quality virgin PTFE

dalau prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of quality control and holds both EN BS ISO 9001:2000 and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification and many more.
dalau supplies high quality PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PVDF products to industries as diverse as

  • electronics
  • chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • medical
  • petro-chemical
  • automotive
  • aeronautics and the exploration of space.

To find out how dalau can help you call on 01255 220220 or e-mail us or visit our web site above.

Extruded Rod

dalau™ specialise in offering a wide range of high quality extruded rod.  Our PTFE products are produced under the dalcon™ name to ensure a high standard of uniform density levels and physical properties.  Ideal for producing tight toleranced machined components for the connector, electronics, medical and semi-conductor industries.

We hold large stocks of ground and unground rod from 4 mm - 100 mm in 1 m, 2 m, and 3 m lengths.

Moulded Rod & Tube

We produce a wide range of moulded rod and tube in a variety of sizes in natural and filled grades all produced to a high standard under the dalcon™ trademark. We hold a large stock inventory of moulded ptfe rods, ptfe tubes and ptfe extruded rod to meet your requirements.

Films & Sheets

We produce the tightest tolerance PTFE films that have been developed for the exacting demands of the circuit board and semiconductor industries.

We produce exceptional high quality film with high physical properties and skive mark free surface finish.

Machined Components

dalau™ specialises in the precision machining of plastic components in all engineering plastics to the medical, electronic, and aerospace industries most stringent technical specifications.


We turn PTFE, PEEK, PA, PE, ETFE, and numerous engineering plastics for prototyping, small batches, and large volume runs.

Micro Machining

Specialists in precision micro components dalau™ typically produces components for the electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and medical industries. We produce over 100 million PTFE dalcon™ and other plastic machined components a year.

5-Axis machining of 'The Human Head'

dalau™ continues to invest in the latest 5-Axis machines for the production of even larger and more complex parts.  Our machining capabilities range from one-off prototype components to large batch sizes.


Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is paramount. As a result we’ve invested heavily in effective quality management and monitoring processes that can be relied upon when machining high quality products.

At the heart of our quality regime is our proprietary Statistical Process Control (SPC) system. Every part of our production process is recorded on SPC allowing complex computer models to monitor and maintain high production standards, which ensures a constant high quality across every finished product.

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