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Manufacturer of high quality carpet tufting machinery, spares & ancillary equipment. Supplier of bespoke tufting machines built by our expert team of engineers to exacting customer specifications.

Carpet Tufting Machinery Breakdown

Our highly skilled engineers are on hand to repair your carpet tufting machines. Our technicians are trained to repair your carpet tufting machinery to ensure it is back up and running to peak condition as quickly as possible.

Carpet Tufting Machinery Service

At Danley Engineering our technicians are trained to fully service your carpet tufting machines. We can offer sound advice on areas that might cause future issues for instance timing issues and set up problems, wear and tear as well as preventative maintenance programmes. 

Modular Gauge Parts

Whatever the make of tufting machine Danley Engineering can advise on the correct combination of gauge parts and manufacture the geometrically correct carrier bars to mount them on. As well as producing highly accurate equipment we can provide installation and commissioning of the modular gauge parts

Semi Modular Hook bars

Danley Engineering manufacture and supply semi-modular hook bars for most makes of tufting machine and combine with most styles of semi-modular knife cutting systems. Our semi-modular hook bars are designed to give highly accurate pitch accuracy and positive hook location; equal to full modular hook blocks.

Reed Plates

Danley Engineering’s Super Easy Access reed plates provide added efficiency for your tufting machine due to our unique reed dent design for high strength, flexibility and rigidity. Our reed plates allow low pile heights to be achieved due to protrusion of dents, level surface from reed dent to plate as well as gauge parts more accessible for cleaning.

Creels and Beams

Danley Engineering produce a range of tufting creels, including single deck, double deck, single end or magazine. We offer a variety of sizes antistatic of anti-staticnylon tubing to achieve a smooth supply of yarn to the tufting machine. We can install our creels and beams on site as well as modify existing plant machinery to suit.

Doffing Rerolls

Danley Engineering offer doffing rerolls to comply with health and safety legislations. We have developed pneumatically operated doffing reroll units for the handling of large rolls of carpets from roll up units.

Lapping and Mending Frames

Danley Engineering offer a full range of standard mending and lapping frames to suit customers needs, allowing you to repair and inspect carpet independent of the tufting machine speak to one of our engineers for advice on our frames.

Tufting Machine Broken End Detectors

Danley have developed a highly successful, dropper type, yarn broken end detector. Each individual yarn passes through a small dropper, if the yarn is broken, the dropper falls and breaks an infra red  beam this then sends a signal to the tufting machines stop circuit and the tufting machine is stopped in a normal controlled manner.

Textile Waste Strippers

Danley Engineering offers a wide range of textile waste strippers. We offer textile waste strippers that specialise in removing yarn from parallel and taper packages covering a variety of capacities.

Needle bars

Danley Engineering manufacture needle bars to carry individual needles, needle modules and locator needle modules.

Hook Bars

Danley Engineering manufacture hook bars to carry individual hooks, hook modules and locator hook modules.

Yarn Guides

Danley Engineering supply yarn guides that can be fitted to any tufting machine and at any gauge. The yarn guides are highly accurate and come coated with anti-static hard wearing nylon. This coating is suitable for all applications and yarn types.

Artificial Grass Tufting Machines

We have worked closely with artificial grass producers to create bespoke artificial grass tufting machinery of the highest quality and to the customers exact requirements. Our machines have helped produced high quality synthetic grass for all types of sports, garden grasses and other recreational areas.

Creel Tubing

Danley Engineering offer a variety of sizes of antistatic nylon tubing to achieve a smooth supply of yarn to the tufting machine.

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