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We can trace our roots back to the 1970s, when trousers were flared and collars were large - and when print technology was vastly different to what we see today.

Over the last four decades, Danwood has built its success on two core values: product independence and customer-centricity. We have grown up during the technology revolution. From the large, noisy print and fax machines of yesteryear; to today's compact, multifunctional devices, intelligent systems and wireless technology.   Key facts
  • There are 40 Danwood offices in our network, including four national distribution centres, our head office in Lincolnshire and our regional sales and service centres.
  • We are the largest, completely independent provider in the marketplace - a position we are committed to maintaining.
  • We continually seek to innovate - for example we were first to market with handheld devices for engineers; and we offer 24/7 online service call tracking.
  • We have installed or manage over 74,000 machines in the UK and Ireland.
  • Faults are a fact of life; however our 370-strong team of service engineers maintains 97% uptime across our entire machine base.
  • And much more...

Office Printing Equipment

Danwood is an entirely independent supplier of office printing equipment and document management solutions. Printers, copiers, multifunctional devices, scanners: our services and support ensure your print resources work effectively on a day to day basis.

We simply focus on meeting your print objectives with the very best the market has to offer. We design solutions and support which 'fit'.
And we find ways to save you money too.   Less is more
We reduce the size of print fleets. We reduce paper usage and eliminate waste. We even reduce energy consumption. Above all, we reduce costs. And yet, we still improve print quality and efficiency! Our site tells you how.

Print Equipment Support Services

From the outset, we set out to change the face (and reputation) of print equipment support services. Our remit is to provide the highest quality service, impressive response times, fast problem resolution and excellent communication for our customers. By employing the best people in the industry; making a continual investment in training; and always remembering to put your needs first - we've pushed back industry boundaries in lots of positive ways.

Print Equipment Support Services

Colour Coding

Partners and Products
Our independence is fundamental to our success. It's how we assure you of the very best, tailored response. We're able to deliver cost effective document management solutions that categorically meet your needs. Even if that means working with different manufacturers if that's what your situation demands.

Our best-of-breed equipment, including - colour options - gives us an unparalleled range of customisable options for every customer. Working with manufacturers including Sharp, Hewlett Packard, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xerox, and Panasonic, we're at the cutting edge. As technology changes as the limits of what's possible keep getting pushed back, we assess and advise clients on how you can stay at the cutting edge. (Which saves you time and effort).   Software and networking
We take account of systems requirements too. Our print auditors assess every on-the-ground need and strategic requirement, so that networked solutions are efficient, cost-effective and easy to manage.
Colour Coding

Environmental Printing

Through providing a service, rather than selling a product, the pursuit of resource efficiencies has become mutually beneficial to both Danwood and our customers. Our business model offers opportunities to capture and deliver ever-increasing value through the right-sizing and optimisation of print solutions. This includes reduced requirements for energy, paper, fuel and raw materials; resulting in reduced costs for the customer. Our ISO 14001:2004 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to achieving best practise in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment through our values, policies and procedures.

Environmental Printing

Professional Printers

Our specialist print division brings together the latest technology, leading edge thinking and dedicated support to meet the needs of print professionals. For commercial printers and dedicated print rooms, the Danwood professional print team source and install best-of-breed technology to meet modern requirements. Our independent status is key: we only deliver the very best in high quality technology in this fast-moving and highly competitive area.


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