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We are the leading supplier of vacuum cups and pads in Europe. We can make bespoke cups and pads to meet your individual requirements and hold stock of a huge range of standard pads and cups ready for immediate dispatch. Our vacuum cups are the most suitable solutions to vacuum applications all over the world. With years of experience we have been able to develop our ideas to make our quality designs well known so you know you are coming to the right people for your vacuum cup needs.

Vacuum Cups The Source

Usually the pump is the most important element required to make the vacuum pump perform correctly. Sharing a vacuum source can become an issue as it may cause problems; therefore one vacuum cup to one pump is the most suitable option. If a vacuum cup leaks it can affect other cups causing them to become less effective. Sometimes it is best to use a manifold with smaller cups in clusters to distribute the vacuum evenly. You can also mix vacuum source lines or use several vacuum sources to individual cups to reduce problems if one leaks.

Vacuum Cups The Source

Custom Vacuum Cups

If you require a vacuum cup that is not available within our standard range then we would be more than happy to assist you with our bespoke design service. We can mould custom vacuum cup designs for you if you follow our development process which includes:

  • Samples, drawing or sketches are required.
  • Set up charges will be charged on proprietary cups.
  • Two prototype samples of your custom vacuum cup will be produced for your review and approval before production (included in the above set up charge).
Custom Vacuum Cups

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