Data Centred

DataCentred provides regional, carrier-rich colocation services, combined with next generation shared computer processing and storage solutions (Infrastructure-as-a-Service “IaaS”) from our MediaCity facility in Salford, Manchester.  Our facility comprises 3,000 square metres with capacity for 850 racks.

Our services are designed to exactly meet the data centre, connectivity and computing requirements of large UK corporates, broadcasters, academic institutions and public sector bodies.

Using traditional colocation as a starting point but applying process efficiencies, hardware innovations and disaster recovery techniques; we work collaboratively with our client base to define and deliver low-power consumption, warehouse-scale computing solutions.

High capacity, low latency networks
Scalable, distributed storage platform
Flexible virtualised compute platform
Dedicated standardised compute and storage

Our computing on demand offering is based on the industry standard Openstack cloud framework, which provides customers with fully virtualised networks, virtual machines and persistent storage volumes with self service provisioning, configuration and lifecycle management through a Graphic User Interface (GUI), Command Line Interface (CLI), or Application Programming Interface (API). Our storage offering is a distributed object store, based around the Ceph storage platform which is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 and Openstack SWIFT API’s.

Data Centred Overview