DataEntryOutsourced provides a complete range of data management services, including:

Data entry services
Data conversion services
Data processing services

For the past 10 years, DataEntryOutsourced (DEO) has provided data management services to clients from all over the world. The company’s expert team of analysts, subject matter experts, and project managers have handled a complete range of data management projects.

DataEntryOutsourced understands the importance of data security and has put in place world-class information security practices. All staff members have to sign a strict NDA to avoid any breach of confidentiality.

DEO provides a full range of data entry services, including online, offline, image, and E-book data entry. The company can handle data in all formats such as PDF, SGML, HTML, XML, and MS Word and Excel. Every member of the data entry team has been provided with two monitors, which results in high accuracy and productivity.

As part of data conversion services, DEO provides XML conversion, book conversion, HTML conversion, etc. Over the years, hundreds of companies have used DEO’s data conversion services to convert different types of data in a uniform format, and thus derive greater value out of their data. Be it financial statements, catalogues, reports, or invoices, DEO’s data conversion services can be used for all types of documents.

DEO’s data processing services include forms processing, order processing, compilation of mailing lists, check processing, credit card processing and many more. The company also provides data de-duplication, data mining, and data cleansing services. With its vast experience, DEO can guarantee high quality data processing at the fastest turnaround times.

As part of its data management services, DataEntryOutsourced also provides indexing services like cataloging, publishing CD-ROMs, profile and text indexing, etc. The use of indexing services leads to better organization of information, both paper and digital, and allows easy access and retrieval. The company’s specialist indexing services not only enables data search by word, but also allows cross-referencing with other files without any difficulty.

DEO’s E-Pub services include eBook creation, eBook conversion, and upgrade of eB00ks to more advanced formats. DEO can create eB00ks in all formats like EPUB 2.0.1, EPUB 3.0, Fixed Layout, Kindle, and all other leading eBook formats. DEO can also upgrade existing eBooks to latest formats, such as OeB to EPUB, EPUB 2.0.1 to EPUB 3.0, and HTML 4 to HTML 

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