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Dave Laing Associates provide a unique training experience. Our aim is to provide skills that an individual can use to empower themselves - not just in the short term but for life! We provide quality Public Speaking & Presentation, Assertiveness and Stress Management. We also provide provide a quality Management Skills Programme for new supervisors and managers who have been in post for some time and looking to improve their practical skills.

There's an old saying "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Right now you may be thinking "we've got our own internal training department, what do I need these people for?" and at one time you would probably have been right.

However, most corporate training is provided by people who were trained by their own internal trainers who were in turn trained by their internal predecessors who were... well you get the point! This low budget and common approach means that nothing new or fresh is ever allowed to be brought into the mix. The original message becomes diluted and eventually irrelevant. We've met so many organisations who continue to provide woefully inadequate internal training programmes that were introduced years ago and are now not fit for purpose. Our programmes are unique, cutting edge, tested and proven.

Unlike many training providers we do not buy in 'off the shelf'' training courses. All of our courses are designed and written by us. Our bespoke courses are designed around what YOU need and can be certificated or not as desired. We firmly believe in providing high quality training and our clients have told us that's what we give.

All of our team, from top to bottom, are qualified teachers and NLP Master Practitioners who all have a background in the Corporate arena from manufacturing, retail, telecoms and banking. We've had considerable experience with contact centres. customer service, from boardroom to the shop floor. Many of our team also have a background in Therapy, working with clients on a one to one basis.

We understand how people function. We understand your problems - we've been there and done it! We know what works and what doesn't. We understand how making even very small changes can yield massive, long term results. Let us show you what we can do for YOU.

Business Coaching Courses

Many top organisations in the UK have benefited from our business coaching courses.  Our Management Skills Programme is designed both for people who are new to a supervisory position or managers who have been in post for some time but are now looking to improve their practical skills. It provides and demonstrates the competencies of a First Line Manager or Introductory Certificate in Management .

This is a Level 3 or 4 Management Programme depending upon your organisation's requirements and the existing skill level of the attendees. The programme consists of nine mandatory units and one discretionary unit, designed to enhance skill levels and competence. The programme is both taxing and rewarding and has continuous assessment and a number of written assignments, interspersed with role plays, presentations and practical exercises.

Our delegates are given every opportunity to practice their new skills in a non-threatening environment where they can perfect them without fear of failure. Call us now to see how we can help your organisation.

Business Coaching Courses

Public Speaking Programmes

Speak with confidence anywhere!

If you want to succeed in most things in life you have to be able to talk to people. Whether it be to colleagues, employees, friends or strangers. Overcoming your public speaking fears really is doable. In fact, many great orators and performers have been able to transcend fear and become successful politicians, corporate giants, speech makers, lecturers, teachers, and entertainers.

Perhaps you are an aspiring Manager or academic who fears speaking in public more than you fear your own death!, Maybe you are an already in a senior role but, although highly skilled in your own area, are uncomfortable giving talks and seminars or dealing with radio and TV.

Very often the people we work with subsequently go on to; not only enjoy the experience, but to look forward to the next time they get to speak in public. You can too!

Our Public Speaking for Beginners programme covers every aspect of putting together a first class presentation from planning through to audience applause. This fully interactive programme is an ideal introduction for anyone who has never had to present information before. It gives them superior presentation skills and enables them to use a variety of resources and techniques.

For the most comprehensive Public Speaking Programme anywhere Our Premium Public Speaking intensive programme covers every aspect of Public Speaking from a 2 minute introduction speech to dealing with hostile audiences and radio and TV interviews.

Perhaps you are already a company Director, Senior Manager or aspiring Manager and, although highly skilled in your own area, you've never really felt comfortable presenting to large audiences or dealing with radio and TV. Are you prepared for facing the media in a crisis? If you want to be seen to be at the top of your game this fully interactive and comprehensive programme will be invaluable. Call us now!

Public Speaking Programmes

Assertiveness Courses

Stand your ground and say what you feel!

Assertiveness is one of the key skills a successful person possesses. It's a tremendously powerful skill that will not only serve you in your work life but also in your personal life too. Assertiveness is about being responsible for yourself, and making your life work for you, instead of being a victim of circumstance. Available as a 1 day or 2 day (advanced skills) course Assertiveness training will empower you to make yourself heard and get the life and relationships you deserve.

  • Do you find it hard to say "No"?
  • Do you always give in to what others want, regardless of your own feelings?
  • Do you find yourself bullied or pressured by aggressive or overbearing people?
  • Do you bottle up anger and bite your tongue when you know you should speak up?

Assertive behaviour is clear and direct communication. Anger and other strong feelings are expressed in a straightforward manner that takes into account the feelings and views of others. Dave Laing Associates - Assertiveness Courses

Being assertive is not synonymous with an anger management problem - it is protecting your rights without violating others'. Assertiveness allows you to face confrontation in a healthy way and without getting overly emotional. It's time to take control of your life -

Contact us now for details

Assertiveness Courses

Stress Management

Making negative stress a thing of the past

Whether you are responsible for a team or a whole organisation, it's vital to be aware of the long term effects of stress. The latest estimates from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) show that stress-related illness costs UK employers millions of pounds every year. They define work-related stress as a harmful response to undue pressures and demands placed on individuals at work. Dave Laing Associates' powerful and proven approach to stress and stress management really can make a positive and lasting change in the quality of people's lives. This approach is extremely efficient and cost effective. Attendees learn a number of techniques that enable them to “de-stress” and re-energise easily. It also empowers them for the future

Stress Management

Job Interview Skills

For may people the prospect of attending an interview for a job can be terrifying, particularly if they've been out of work for some time or have limited social skills. Even if you are fortunate enough to have excellent communication and presentation skills, there are other things that you need to get across in an interview situation, for example; your technical competencies, how well suited you are for the job. There's also your ability to grow in the job and how well you're going to fit in with the rest of the team. Ultimately however, it will be how well you express yourself in the interview and how well you answer the relevant questions that will decide the outcome.

Dave Laing Associates' Job Interview Skills training programme is a powerful aid to anyone seeking to change from their current position. This is very different from almost any other course you will find.

This fully interactive two-day programme is perfect for groups whether they are just starting their job search, they've been out of work for some time or if they are likely to have an important job interview in the near future. By attending this course you'll ensure that you have the highest chance possible of getting the best job that you are technically qualified to do.

Just some of the topics covered:

  • What's holding you back from getting what you want?
  • Ways to gain the highest possible chance of your application even being read.
  • Key preparation techniques to help you perform to your strengths.
  • Simple but powerful techniques to help control interview nerves.
  • How to give a perfect answer to "so tell us about yourself".
  • How to use your voice to convey a confident & engaging style.
  • Know how to use body language to build rapport with your interviewer.
  • How to ensure YOU are the one they remember.
  • How to deliver convincing answers to interview questions.

"A few weeks ago I thanked you both for your help, I did not foresee how helpful it would be. Yesterday I was employed by a company full time - my first real employment in 11yrs, thank you again! "
(Genuine, verifiable comment. Original source available on request.)

Contact us now!

Job Interview Skills

NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

Due to the consistency of it's success and popularity of it's use some people think NLP is soley about personal achievement but it is so much more than that! It is a highly effective methodology based on the belief that all behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be modelled, learned and changed.

How would it feel if you could absolutely change the mood and opinions of your colleagues and your customers so that they feel more inclined to see things from your point of view, listen to your proposals closely and generally feel really good about dealing with you? This isn't just wishful thinking or 'pie in the sky' folklore - it's fact! One of NLP's creators described it as 'The art of changing other people by changing yourself'. By making some very minor and effortless changes you can change how people respond to you.

What is the difference between the best feeling you have ever had and the best feeling your body is capable of producing? How much control do you have over the feelings you produce, their intensity and when you produce them? Have you ever before set out to discover how much pleasure you can stand? Contact us now to discover skills you were born with that you don't even realise you have!

NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

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