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We are metal pressings experts. We are dedicated to the supply of complex and deep drawn pressed components in carbon, terne coated steels, tinplate, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals to the automotive and allied industries.

We are committed to utilising all of the necessary resources to sustain a policy of continuous quality improvement in all aspects of metal pressings, related products and the services we provide. We always pursue the achievement of total customer satisfaction.

Single Operation Presswork

As expert manufacturers of high volume, intricate and challenging presswork, we utilise various manufacturing processes to ensure the most accurate and high quality end result. One of these processes is single operation presswork.

Single operation presswork involves using individual tools in separate presses with operations often undertaken by hand. Occasionally, pick and place robots are used.

Progression Tooling Presswork

As well as single operation presswork, progression tooling presswork is another production process we regularly employ.

Progression tooling presswork utilises one tool for a number of differing operations, each one following the other. With this process, materials are used in coil form.

Transfer Tooling Presswork

A third presswork process we use is transfer tooling presswork. Transfer tooling presswork utilises a number of individual tools where individual components are automatically transferred from one stage to another until the production of the final component.

With transfer tooling presswork, tools are either mounted into one large bed tooling area or mounted into numerous presses joined together with automatic feeding equipment.

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