Davis Cash & Co. Ltd.

Davis Cash & Co. Ltd can trace it’s beginnings back to 1862 when, in Clerkenwell, the the founder was producing walking stick mounts in fine metals. 

The company developed into light fittings through the conversion of gas fittings to electric light fittings through to the actual manufacture of light fittings during the twentieth century. 

We specialised in manufacturing special and custom made fluorescent and discharge light fittings, generally from sheet metal, on a sub contract basis for the leading lighting companies today. 

With over 100 years of engineering expertise in the lighting industry, we can provide exactly the solution you need to meet your specific requirements. 

Starting from simple, unfinished metalwork - through to fully finished, wired, assembled and tested products - our team of highly trained engineers will provide you with a customised lighting solution.

Davis Cash & Co. Ltd. Overview