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Welcome to Davis-Standard Extrusion Systems Europe. We are the UK's largest supplier of Bimetallic Barrels and Extrusion screws for the processing of Plastics and Rubber.

We have a comprehensive range of Plastic Extruders  :

  • HPE - Horizontal Extruders
  • HPE - Vertical Extruders
  • Thermatic Extruders
  • Euro Blue® Extruders
  • Mark Series Extruders
  • Twin Screw Extruders
  • Conical Twin Screw Extruders and Parallel Twin Screw Extruders

Product Tooling

Davis-Standard can provide the solution to meet your Product Tooling  requirements, from simple, or complex,  tube dies to multi-lumen tooling.

Our tools are produced from high quality materials and designed to the newest standards providing you with the ease of operation and maintenance you require. 

To attain greater line speed and accuracy our calibration tools provide the latest non-contact sizing. Davis-Standard Extrusion Systems can provide your process tooling solution as part of your companies turnkey solution.

Product Tooling

Water & Calibration Baths

Davis-Standard can provide you with a range of Water & Calibration Baths. They range from cooling tanks all the way through to dual vacuum systems for sizing big pipes. Our products start from small medical tubing tanks through to heavy duty pipe tanks.

Please visit the website to have a look at our Type 119/120 Vacuum/Non Vacuum Cooling Bath specifications.

We also have the latest range of Floataire baths with technical features that eliminate problems with alternative vacuum and pressure sizing equipment. They are simple to use and available in many models matching your output requirements.

Water & Calibration Baths

Pullers & Haul-Offs

Davis-Standard have a comprehensive range of Twin Belt Haul-Offs.

Our latest Twin Belt Haul-Offs have a AC Vector Drive with an adjustable speed range upto 150m/min without any reduction in torque. The H50/500 has a speed of 240m/min with a 36kg pull.

They are low maintenance, saving you money and no pulley changes, which will reduce the downtime between runs. If you require high speed, for applications such as medical tubes, we have the 1003 Haul-Off (350m/min).

Our HO series are for heavy duty requirements and the belt width and length can be changed  for your needs.

For cosmetic tubes the H series has been increased to a 1500mm contact length. This will prevent the product getting crushed and it will retain its concentricity.

All our Haul-Offs can be combined in a single unit with our rotary cutters.

Pullers & Haul-Offs

Cutter & Saws

We have the latest Servo Cutter Technology at Davis-Standard and we can also supply other cutting systems including Peripheral Cutters and Saws.

To view the features of our Servo Cutters and the integral panel housing operator controls, visit the specifications page on our website.

Cutter & Saws

Winders & Pay-Offs

Davis-Standard Winding Systems have single or twin mandrel shafts in a vertical or horizontal plane. Our extensive experience in winding plastic products is linked with Kabel Teknik.

We have our own unique variable pitch traverse system.

Winders & Pay-Offs

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about Davis-Standard Extrusion Sytems please contact us or call +44(0)1384 471930.

We can be found on Google.co.uk

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