Dayford Designs Ltd.

Founded in 1974, Dayford is one of the most established Printed Circuit Design facilities in the UK with over 200 man-years design experience to call on.

We are ISO 9000 approved and an MOD `List X¿ company with design offices in Stroud (Glos) and Borehamwood (Herts) equipped with the latest CAE tools from Cadence, Mentor , Zuken and Valor.

The company specialises in complex, high density, high reliability designs where the use of micro BGA¿s and micro via technology is commonplace and where signal integrity is paramount.

For temporary design requirements where customers prefer to keep work in-house we can provide PCB Design Engineers either from our own bureau or from our comprehensive contractor database.

We also offer a complete `design-to-assembly¿ service working closely with a small number of ISO9000 approved suppliers including component purchase, x-ray and roving probe test.

Dayford Designs Ltd. Overview