Deburring Services Ltd

State of the art deburring techniques have established Cheltenham based Deburring Services Limited as Europe's leading specialists in this field.

Founded by Managing Director John Wood in the late 70s, the company has demonstrated its innovative abilities in many areas where excellence and precision are critical, such as aerospace and Formula One motor racing. Mining, textiles and hydraulics are also amongst the industries which have employed Deburring Services expertise.

Deburring Services

Whether your requirements are low volume, external or internal deburring, you benefit from ISO 9002 quality assurance and a turnaround averaging 4 days, but frequently just a few hours.

One particular factor in establishing its international reputation has been Deburring Services' ability to overcome complicate internal component deburring challenges. With 23 employees, the company’s in house resources provide an extensive choice of options including electrochemical, abrasive flow, vibratory, centrifugal and blasting techniques, as well as brush and highly skilled hand deburring.

Deburring Services

Deburring Services Ltd Overview