Defence Doors


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Defence Doors Ltd, 20 years of specialist floodgates door manufacturing, a unique design, manufacture and installation service for the construction industry both UK and overseas

Flood Gate Protection

Supplying steel floodgates to approved Environment Agencies designs for FAS, storm gates for coastal defences and watertight doors for building protection. Supplied in steel with epoxy paint protection, stainless steel floodgates or optional timber Timber Clad Floodgates

Flood Windows/Flood Control

Flood defence gates designed as single or double leaf structures, operable by a single person using minimum effort. The latching operation takes 30 seconds to fully close and lock the floodgate from the fully open position with no requirement to wind down or raise the seals.

Blast Doors/Blast Protection

Standard and bespoke designs for steel blast doors, Composite doors & Heavy plate doors to suit every requirement. Supplying blast doors to the petrochemical industry, military installations Government buildings

Bullet Proof Doors / Windows

Designed as a full height security screen, fully or partially glazed to form a secure walling system extending from existing floor level to under side of existing ceiling height allowing infinite applications.

Gas Tight Doors

Defence Doors Ltd offer a customized a range of gas tight doors and hatches manufactured in painted steel, alloy or any grade of stainless steel for clean room environments.

Flood Defence Glazing

As flood defence schemes increase across the UK there is little visual impact of soft earth bunds that line the rivers as they run their course through open countryside. As these flood defences progress into developed areas these soft bunds change into hard structures to maintain the flood defence levels

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