Dehn (U K ) Ltd.

DEHN (U.K.) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of DEHN & Söhne GMBH who are an international market leading company in lightning and surge protection technology.

DEHN first produced lightning protection components in 1910 and developed the first indoor surge arrester in 1954.

DEHN has now over 1000 employees with subsidiary's in 50 countries.

Major companies including government departments use DEHN products for their mission critical installations.

DEHN products meet all the latest standards including IEC, UL, VDE and the latest British and European standards BSEN62305 parts 1-4.

All our products are tested in-house at our world class R & D facility in Germany. We even produce lightning strikes to test products and products for other people. DEHN are also represented on the relevant European and international standards committees.

DEHN operates a quality system to ENISO 9001:2000 and ENISO 14001

Dehn (U K ) Ltd. Overview