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We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, support, shorter lead times and developing tools in order to meet the demands of the commercial renewables sector.

We are a world leading provider of screen printing equipment and processes for solar and fuel cell manufacture. Our screen printing equipment consists of innovative materials deposition technologies such as solar cell metallization printers and advanced platforms.

PVP1200 Screen Printer Configuration

PVP1200 screen printer configuration features automated high speed and repeatability capable of 1,200 wafers per hour throughput. Our PVP1200 screen printer configuration offers six-sigma processes at high resolutions in order to produce advanced levels of accuracy.

Our PVP1200 printer is compatible with our emulsion screens and are easy to set up, use and provide a cost-efficient solution with fast turnaround on even the most challenging manufactures.

PV1200 Solar Metallization Line

Our PV1200 solar metallization line is an ideal solution for industrial solar cell production. The PV1200 solar metallization line is compatible with our advanced screen printers and is integrated with wafer-firing technologies and dryers.

Our PV1200 line provides complete turnkey solutions and is balanced in order to supply an outstanding throughput of optimum quality and energy effective solar cells.

Eclipse Scalable Metallization Lines

Our Eclipse scalable metallization lines provide a perfect commercial solar cell production and are equipped with multiple print heads operating in parallel for optimum throughput configurations. Eclipse scalable metallization lines have many benefits; their main advantage is their modular design concept. This design enables them to manufacture to 1200, 2400 and 3600 wph.

Eclipse platforms are the ideal choice for manufacturing challenging production targets and with print speeds up to 600 mm per second, it is fast, simple and cost efficient.

Screen Printing Solutions

We have over 40 years experience in supplying screen printing solutions and specialist photovoltaic requirements. We also provide a choice of alternative technologies for PV applications and are capable of dealing with large scale productions and non-standard substrates.  

Our screen printing solutions provide a range of platforms such as: 

  • Reel-to-Reel: advanced handling for continuous, flexible solar substrates
  • Horizon Platform: fully automatic, configurable PV screen printing

Precision Screens

Our precision screens can be integrated with equipment and processes in order to provide outstanding performance and compatibility. Precision screens ensure consistent quality throughout your processes and offer faster turnaround.

The materials selected for the manufacture of our precision screens meet strict quality requirements and help to enhance internal production levels and reduce lead times to just five days.

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