We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products, in particular our half finger and full finger cycling gloves.

We wholesaler best gloves for cycling and accessories for distribution in the UK. We sale this highest standards and only use high quality materials. The finish of our products is second to none and offers a luxurious and secure feel.

Our best road cycling gloves are suitable for all type of cycling enthusiasts, from down hill trails to eating up the road miles. Being a superior quality product is one reason why you should consider our gloves, but there’s a lot more to choosing a pair of gloves then that and we are 100% confident that our product meets all the requirements of a modern day cyclist.

There are more reasons to wear gloves than just for comfort and an element of safety, research actually shows that athletes with warm hands wearing gloves performed better and felt less fatigued than their gloveless counterparts. This is mainly down to the blood in the hands keeping warm at the temperature of the rest of the body, not distracting the body from what it is trying to do during physical exertion by diverting precious resources to warming the blood that’s being sent to the hands.

Our full finger best winter cycling gloves are perfect for riding, they will stop you getting sores on your hands, and the material is breathable so your hands won’t get too hot and also water repellent so they can fight off the odd winter shower. It’s so important whether in competitions or just the daily commute to look after your hands, if you get cold and wet hands your performance is going to be hampered and if you’re on the daily commute then you’re going to be arriving at the office in the wrong frame of mind, cold and tired with moral at an all time low.

You will be amazed what a difference a Specialized cycling gloves like ours can make to your working day, or even race day! We have all sorts of cycling gear in our online store, but that doesn’t mean we’re not suited to other areas of your active lifestyle. Our full finger winter cycling gloves are also ideal for other activities so you can even use them when you are not on the bike, other activities such as just walking to college school or work, jogging, trail running and even walking the dog.

You will find our full finger winter gloves are so comfortable and have such an excellent fit due to our innovative manufacturing processes that you will want to wear them everywhere. But please, don’t take our word for it! Browse our website and see our products for yourself and also be sure to check out our customer testimonials!

We have 100% customer satisfaction for our products and all of our customers would happily recommend our products so check it out. If you have any questionsor comments we would love to hear from you!


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