DELO Industrial Adhesives (DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co)


DELO Industrial Adhesives is a world leading developer and manufacturer of customized industrial high technology adhesives and corresponding curing and dispensing equipment. Our experienced teams of engineers, scientists, and chemists work on fast and reliable solutions for individual customer needs.

Adhesive Bonding

DELO is well-known for its UV curing adhesives. We are designers and manufacturers of customised high-tech adhesive bonding products.


Our product range:

 - DELO-CA   fast curing cyanoacrylates
 - DELO-DUALBOND   two-component epoxy resins (UV / moisture curing)
 - DELO-DUOPOX   two-component epoxy resins
 - DELO-GUM   permanently elastic and highly flexible silicons
 - DELO-KATIOBOND   photoinitiated-curing epoxy resins
 - DELO-ML   anaerobic curing methacrylates
 - DELOMONOPOX   one-component epoxy resins
  photoinitiated-curing acrylates
 - DELO-PUR   tough-elastic polyurethanes

UV lamps

Our lamps ensure fast curing of light-curing and UV-curing adhesives, together with a reliable process. DELO produces LED lamps and discharge lamps.


LEDs assure a curing process that is optimally adjusted to the adhesive used.

  easy integration into production lines
  high intensity
  ideal for fast and pinpoint curing
  fast curing of flat adhesive layers


DELO also offers matching dispensing systems and dispensing valves.

Industrial Bonding

We have extensive industrial bonding capabilities and solutions, sharing our knowldege with customers worlwide.

The areas of business our adhesive bonding products are supplied to include:

  • Automotive
  • Microelectronics
  • Display technology
  • The smart card industry
  • Photovoltaics


DELO’s high-tech adhesives are used in many automotive applications. These include automotive electronics, automotive cameras, sensor bonding, and ONSERT method.


The need for continually cost-effective and environmentally friendly electronic products is reflecting on the specific packaging requirements which includes semiconductor packaging.

We supply two differing ranges of semiconductor packaging:

  • Die attach
  • Encapsulants for the chip-on-board (COB) technology

Consumer Electronics

DELO has a broad range of adhesives for applications around consumer electronics which fulfil all different requirements of the market.

  • Touch panel
  • Mini Loudspeakers


DELO’s main areas of research have been including the development of adhesives for the display industry.

  • Optical bonding
  • E-paper sealing
  • OLED


DELO’s light-curing acrylates opens up multiple, new possibilities in glass-bonding, regardless of whether it is bonding hinges of shower enclosures, producing glass furniture, or building high-quality glass partition wall systems.

Mechanical Engineering Adhesives

A wide range of mechanical engineering adhesives are supplied, ranging from one and two component epoxy resins to methacrylates and polyurethanes.

  • Bonding of electric motors
  • Bonding of magnets into stator housings
  • Bonding of banister elements


Optoelectronics are considered the technology of the future. DELO supplies a range of products for UV replica processes and demanding bonding task for many applications in optoelectronics.

  • Wafer level Camera
  • LED packages


DELO adhesives are used in the production of the thin-film cells and to produce conventional silicon solar cells.

  • Adhesives for wafer cutting
  • contacting of thin-film cells

Smart Card/ RFID

DELO supplies a comprehensive product range for the smart card industry. Our product range includes UV-curing chip encapsulants, heat-curing materials used as Dam&Fill or Glob Top, and ideally adapted die attach adhesives. DELO is the world market leader in terms of technology, quality, and quantity.

  • Dam&Fill
  • Flip Chip
  • RFID

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