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At Delta Membrane Systems, we specialise in waterproofing systems including Delta membranes, sumps, pumps and waterproof floors. We have a wide range of waterproofing products to help you to save money and extend your home or business below ground.

Cost effective, simple to install, DELTA® membranes keep hydrostatic pressure away from walls, ceilings and floors keeping living spaces dry and insulated.

Our systems can be used on domestic and/or commercial properties from small scale basement conversions to major public works, such as the London Underground. The channel tunnel for example claims over 70,000m² of DELTA®-MS.

DELTA Systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent.

Basement Waterproofing

We provide basement waterproofing solutions to enable you to restore, convert or extend your basement to increase the value of your property or increase your living space. Our basement waterproofing solutions have helped many people to create kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, gyms and offices. A basement maximises potential space, is thermally efficient, strengthens the structure and increases the property price.

DELTA Systems are installed by a Nationwide network of specialist contractors who are holders of “Registered Installers” Certificates.

Damp Proofing

We provide damp proofing services for new construction projects and refurbishment of basements, cellars, underground structures and above ground rising damp problems. Our damp proofing is designed to meet your individual requirements using Delta membrane systems and registered specialist contractors.

Green Roofs

We provide green roof membranes for gardens, walkways, parking and terraces. Our green roof membranes are designed to save energy, protect your property and provide drainage and irrigation.

Our green roof drainage membrane systems include:

  • DELTA® Floraxx Top

  • DELTA® Terraxx

Basement Pump and Drainage Solutions

We provide basement pump and drainage solutions for below ground structures and flooded properties. Our packaged pump solutions collect groundwater and remove foul waste from wet and flooded basements.


The systems include:

  • Ground, Grey, Foul and Surface Water Pump Stations
  • Anti air locking pumps
  • Built in non return valves
  • Protected motors
  • Vortex impellers
  • Adjustable float systems

External Waterproofing

Our external waterproofing is designed to protect earth-retaining structures from moisture damage and hydrostatic pressure. Typically used on new build projects where the exterior is accessible. 

We provide a comprehensive range of external waterproofing systems including:

  • DELTA® Geo drain quattro
  • DELTA® Terraxx
  • DELTA® Drain
  • DELTA® NP Drain
  • DELTA® MS Drain

Tanking Systems

Our tanking systems protect and preserve buildings and structures World Wide. Whether the subject is restoration of a heritage building, waterproofing of a new building, reinstalling failed horizontal barriers in masonry, restoration of wet basements, or waterproofing of roofs and facades, rest assured; with our comprehensive and deep product program we have the optimum solution. Environmentally friendly products of the highest quality.

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