Denca Controls

Renowned across numerous sectors as 'the systems integrator of choice', we have built a reputation on delivering high quality, value-for-money solutions that enhance production performance and embrace leading-edge:

  • instrumentation, 
  • electrical design 
  • software engineering technologies.

Delivering complete machinery and process control solutions - based on custom-designed, fully-integrated PLC and HMI software for both mechanical and electrical operations - and UKAS-traceable calibration and certification services, Denca regularly secures repeat business from a wide range of organisations across industry.


  • automotive,
  • chemical, 
  • food & beverage, 
  • healthcare, 
  • pharmaceuticals
  • utilities sectors.

UKAS-traceable calibration

Nowadays, more and more engineers demand the reassurance of UKAS-traceable calibration - and DENCA delivers, with a fast, reliable, highly cost-effective service. Items requiring calibration are calibrated and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and a UKAS traceable calibration certificate provided.

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