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Diametric - the UK's leading industrial badge and label manufacturer. 
  We have the most extensive range of labelling materials in the UK, so we can meet your industrial label needs - whatever your requirements. We specialise in industrial and commercial labels, customised labels and aluminium labels to name but a few! We are extremely flexible and can colour match most recognised colour systems and also incorporate LED and display windows if necessary

Electroformed Badges

Electroformed badges and nameplates are an advanced branding product that is exclusive to Diametric in the UK. The benefit of producing electroformed nameplates is that the process enables high-quality repeated duplication of the master at a low cost. This is one of our 'flagship' products that is ideal for premium brands where a need for superior accuracy is essential to reproduce logos in fine detail. Our electroformed nameplates are also a fantastic branding solution when space is at a premium and suit products that demand a small badge, but with high-definition 3D presentations.

Injection Moulded Nameplate

Injection moulded badges and nameplates have a strong visual impact and are extremely versatile, so they can be used in a number of different environments. The 3D texture makes sure your badge stands out and adds to the perceived value of your product.

Aluminium Nameplates

Our aluminium nameplates are one of Diametric's most popular products and we have a number of exclusive finishes and surface treatments to increase the visual impact of your brand. Aluminium labels are ideal for commercial nameplates, instrument panels, rating panels and product badges. We have spent time developing 3D nameplates made of aluminium by using advanced etching and embossing techniques to make sure our products are the best solutions on the market. We can also add a protective Tuffcoat lacquer that is often seen on automotive emblems. For a really detailed, quality finish we use bright plated diamond cutting and/or printed colours to raised areas of a die-cast badge.

Domed Badges

Our domed badges and domed labels (sometimes referred to as resin doming or bubble labels) are extremely durable, soft to the touch and can add to the perceived value of your product. Because of the combination of materials and high-quality printing, domed badges give a fantastic 3D visual impact for corporate or product logos.  

Graphic Overlays

Our bespoke graphic overlays, fascia panels and membrane keypads can be designed and produced to incorporate a number of features that are specific to your product, including embossed keys, clear windows for LEDs and cut-outs for switches. All of the graphic overlay solutions we produce are durable and wipe-clean (including membrane switches), so you can be sure of a quality product that is long lasting. We can design the graphic content and layout to reflect your corporate or product styles and colour schemes. You can also select the surface finish from an extensive range of textures. The surface finish will reflect the environment your product will be in and we can offer hard-wearing coatings and specific transparency and gloss levels to fit your needs.


Alugraphics' opens up a new product world ... this is aluminium with an entirely new design and function and a brilliance never seen before. Outstanding quality, extremely resistant, unbelievably flexible. For maximum precision and perfect optical images on aluminium badges, nameplates and labels.

Flexi Coat

Our new Flexi-Coat finish has been developed to compliment our existing Tufflexed domed process. In fact it's the same tough yet durable tried and tested PU resin that's applied, so you still have the winning combination of crisp and sharp print detail on your badge or label combined with a clear flexible surface coating.

So if you are looking to add style and substance to your next label or badge manufacturing project, Flexi-Coat may be just the answer. The 750 micron clear coating adds substance to any label yet will remain flexible enough to be applied onto a curved surface - either indoors or out.

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