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Didsbury Engineering have been lifting equipment suppliers for over 70 years. Lifting equipment suppliers didsburyDIRECT aim to provide a single source for all of your lifting and handling needs. We only list the highest quality products from the most customer focused lifting equipment suppliers and we check all our prices daily to ensure that you have the very best prices online for lifting and handling products!

We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001. Our products are used all around the world in situations where absolute load security and control cannot be compromised. Loads handled vary from aircraft engines and components to weapon systems and people entering confined spaces.

• Our clients include Aircraft Manufacturers, Airlines, Defence Ministries, Utility Companies and many other companies around the world that have to lift high value loads in their day to day business.

• Didsbury operates from a modern, purpose-built, factory, close to Manchester International Airport, providing excellent travel and communication links.

• As well as stocking a wide range of lifting and handling equipment, Didsbury are able to design, develop, prototype and manufacture bespoke lifting solutions.

• Didsbury is a LEEA member and the majority of Didsbury staff are fully LEEA trained providing unrivalled expertise in lifting regulations and legislation.

• Didsbury is an approved supplier to Airbus, Boeing, BAe Systems and the MOD and is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.

Lifting and Handling

With many specialist lifting and handling products we sell being designed, manufactured and tested by reknown lifting and handling experts, Didsbury Engineering, we have a great understanding of the needs of our customers, their use of lifting and handling equipment and changes in legislation and technology related to lifting and handling.

We also supplemented our high quality lifting and handling equipment range with selected products from some of the biggest names in lifting and handling.

This means that our lifting and handling customers can get everything they need, as well as being assured that all lifting and handling products are of the highest quality.

With many lifting and handling products on our web site, when it comes to buying lifting and handling on line, we are the best choice. Lifting and handling is what we do best and as a provider of equipment and services, we are ready to pass that skill, experience and expertise on to you, our customers

Beam Clamp

The Beam Clamp provides a host of fast and safe semi-permanent lifting / rigging points ideal for use with manual chain blocks, wire rope pulling machines, lever hoists, etc.

Beam Clamps offer the following :

  • Robust all steel construction
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Safe and Secure grip
  • Super quick adjustment to any girder width within the beam clamps range
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Built in suspension bar offering low headroom

Beam clamps can be supplied in many different designs and are used to support and mount hoisting equipment for fixed applications. The threaded spindle principle makes for quick and easy attachment without the need to fit spacer washers. Beam clamps have a min. fracture security of 5:1 in accordance with the UVV (German Accident Prevention Act) and machinery directives. The beam clamps are tested with overload and supplied with a test certificate and an operating instructions manual which contains an EC declaration of conformity.

Full body harness

A full body harness is the best way to protect yourself when working at heights. A body harness or fall arrester will far exceed the protection of a body belt. A full body harness is the most effective way to protect yourself when a full body harness is specified.

A full body harness will prevent you from injuries if you fall from height, but a full body harness will also distribute the force applied when the full body harness is called into use. A full body harness will minimise the impact on specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, which is vulnerable to pressure from a body belt that will not be vulnerable when using a full body harness.

Buying a full body harness from Didsbury Direct could not be easier. We have a full body harness range that will accomodate most of your needs. If you don't see a full body harness that meets your specification or requirements, please contact us, as we can supply any full body harness that is available

Chain hoists

Hand chain hoists

Didsbury direct supply a range of hand chain hoists for use in factory, warehouse and on site.

Our hand chain hoists are especially useful in confined spaces where you are able to use the chain hoist from virtually every position.

Ratchet chain hoists

Ratchet chain hoists allow the operator precise control when lifting and handling. A ratchet chain hoist is ideal for applications such as overhead line work.

Electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists provide precise operation, power and simplified lifting and handling in a versatile and manageable unit. With incredible unit weight to lifting capability, an electric chain hoist in an invaluable tool for many industrial and commercial applications.

Electric hoist

What is an electric hoist

An electric hoist is a motorised lifting device, that can be secured to an overhead gantry, fixing or location.

With an electric hoist, you gain finite control over lifting height and movement of equipment whilst retaining items on the electric hoist in a secure manner.

An electric hoist gives you lifting power and control in a variety of applications and environments.

The advantages of an electric hoist

By using an electric hoist, operations where manual handling is required become less time consuming and more efficient. The electric hoist will do all the hard work while the operator can concentrate on positioning or repair.

Karabiner & carabiner connector

A karabiner or carabiner is a metal loop with a gap for a sprung snap connector or screw closure which is used to close the gap where ropes or hooks may be inserted.

A karabiner or carabiner is normally used in safety critical applications where speed and efficiency are paramount.

A karabiner or carabiner may be locking or non-locking, with each type of karabiner or carabiner being suitable to specific applications.

It is important when using a karabiner or carabiner that you understand the requirements of the karabiner or carabiner and its implementation in the workplace.



Standard Davit pillar manufactured in 89mm (3.5") diameter mild steel as a two piece 2m (6' 6") high construction. Angled jib pillar manufactured in 89mm (3.5") diameter mild steel as a single piece 850mm (2' 9.5") high construction.

All Didsbury davit pillars incorporate jib mounting lugs with oilite bearings and are finished in yellow gloss paint with lightly greased mounting spigots.


Standard davit jib gives an operating radius of 1m (3' 3"). Other reaches are available.
Integral 'U' bracket for suspending tube mounted hoist and chain claw bracket fitted as standard.
Angled davit jib is angled to give a ground level to lifting hook height of 2m (6' 6") and an operating radius of 1m (3' 3"). Integral mounting bracket for spigot mounted open drum hoist and cable pulley fitted as standard. Mounting diameters compatible only with the lugs on appropriate pillars. Jibs are finished in yellow gloss paint.

Sockets and Brackets

Flush sockets, Floor sockets and wall mounted sockets are available to suit.
Wall mounted brackets can be supplied to accommodate a jib
without a pillar.
All sockets are manganese phosphated and oil sealed to protect against corrosion.

Fall arrest

Using fall arrest equipment is the best way to protect yourself when working at heights. A body harness or fall arrest harness will exceed the protection offered by a body belt. A fall arrest harness is the most effective way to protect yourself when you are working at heights, where a fall arrest harness is best suited for your safety.

Why use a fall arrest harness?

A fall arrest harness will prevent you from potential injuries when working at risk from a fall from height, but a fall arrest harness will also distribute the force applied when fall arrest is called into use. A fall arrest system will minimise the exposure to pressure and injury on parts of the body, such as the waist and abdomen, that are most vulnerable to impact that a body belt that will be protected when using a fall arrest harness.

Getting the correct fall arrest harness

It's really easy to buy a fall arrest harness from Didsbury Direct . Our range of fall arrest equipment should cover most of your fall arrest needs. If we don't have the fall arrest harness that you want, please contact us. We can supply almost any fall arrest harness that is available from any of the leading manufactures of fall arrest apparatus.

Height Safety Kits

When working at height safety is your biggest consideration.

Height safety includes consideration of restraint and enclosure but also awareness and consideration of your environment.

With this in mind, Didsbury Direct can offer a range of height safety kits, specially developed for specific workers and their needs for height safety. These include height safety restraint kits, scaffolders height safety kits, crane maintenance height safety kits and general height safety kits for construction, roofing and general applications.

We take you height safety needs very seriously, so if we don't quite have what will help you work at height in safety, please let us know and we'll work to get you the height safety equipment you need.


A lanyard is an essential piece of equipment for lifting and handling. Using a lanyard is easy and in many applications, a lamyard is the handlers best friend.

Using a You can use a lanyard in many ways, but there are several main types of lanyard that can be used for handling.

A lanyard can be fixed length or adjustable, and you can also get a lanyard for energy absorbing applications.

When needed, a lanyard can be found that offers a Y shape lanyard for additional fixing.

Lifting Magnets

Permanent lifting magnets incorporate permanent magnets in conjunction with steel parts. The permanent magnets provide the power for an indefinite period of time.

For practical use the magnetic power of a permanent lifting magnet has to be turned ON and OFF. This is done mechanically. An external power source is not required which means that permanent lifting magnets can be used virtually anywhere. They are so-called "self contained" devices.

Permanent lifting magnets create a strong but, relative to electromagnets, low magnetic field. Therefore lifting magnets are rather sensitive to air gaps. This means when the air gap between the load and lifter increases, the lifitng magnetic force will decrease considerably. The handling of loads with a rough and uneven surface is therefore restricted. Because of the manual operation of this type of lifting magnet it is not very convenient for use in multiple on a beam because they cannot be operated from a distance. Typically these lifitng magnets are used individually.

The manual supplied with each lifitng magnet provides detailed information of its capacities under various conditions.

Manhole Cover Keys

 DidsburyDIRECT are currently adding Manhole Cover Keys to our Range.

Pallet Trucks and Stackers

Didsbury Direct supply hand pallet trucks and stackers from some of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

Pallet trucks are common piece of warehouse and handling equipment in the UK, which means it needs to be safe, robust and easy to use.

Pallet trucks are ideal for manoeuvering large pallets and units into precise locations, such as loading a trailer or storing in a warehouse.

Because of this specific requirement, pallet trucks need to be sturdy, stable and easy to move.

Plate Clamps

Plate clamps are used to securely attach lifing equipment, such as hoists or cranes, to permit the safe liftin of plates, such as steel.

A plate clamp will attach in such a way as to allow the plate to be lifted from the floor, into an upright position, and ultimately lowered again without losing grip on the item.

Rescue From Heights

Designed for workers using full body fall arrest harnesses in conjunction with energy absorbing lanyards; retractable type devices or guided type fall arrestors they offer a compact, fully assembled and easily transported rescue from height solution.

Chain Slings

Chain slings allow you to lift a variety of objects safely and securely. Depending on what you are lifting, chain slings can be used with a variety of other couplings and attachments, to make your chain sling more versatile. A chain sling can be in a variety of chain sizes and lengths, making a chain sling one of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment. Chain slings can be in single, 2 3 or 4 chain legs, making it possible to use a chain sling for lifting unbalanced loads, as well as single items with lifting eyes for a single leg chain sling. You can also find our range of flat webbing slings and round slings we have available.

Lifting Slings

Flat webbing lifting slings
Flat webbing lifting slings are made from polyester (PES), according to EN 1492-1, form B2, with reinforced eyes,
duplex construction, with capacity label.

Round lifting slings
Round lifting slings are made from polyester (PES), according to EN 1492-2, with single ply protection sleeve, with capacity label on each lifting sling.

Snatch Blocks

Snatch Blocks are Strong and Reliable products made from the highest quality steel. the Snatch Block are tested and is supplied with a Test Certificate and a Batch Number making tracability simple.

Travel beam trolleys

Allowing both manual and powered hoisting, our travel beam trolleys are perfect for factory or warehouse use.

To supplement our selection of travel beam trolleys, we also provide chain blocks and hoists that are perfect for using in lifting and handling.

Travel beam trolleys allow the safe and secure transit of goods and equipment in any location where a travel beam trolley can be safely fitted.

If you don't see the travel beam trolley that you require, please contact us, as we have other travel beam trolleys available.


Lifting and handling Tripods Provide an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access situations.

Tripods can be used for manriding and goods lifting and handling situations. Tripods are also quick to be deployed for rescue operations.

Tripods are light weight, easy to erect and fold away for storage. Here you will also find add-ons for the tripods, tripod starge bags and tripod spares.

Wire Rope Hoists

Didsbury Direct suply a range of wire rope hoists and accessories

Wire rope hoists can be used in many environments and circumstances, including man-riding.

Choosing the correct wire rope hoists in important, as they will offer different lengths of rope, safe working load figures and reches.

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