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Differentia Consulting is a UK based international independent IT management consultancy company. With long standing ties with Oracle, IBM and Qlik, Differentia Consulting has grown to a client base of over 300; serving a variety of clients from various sectors and technologies. Differentia Consulting are able to provide any company a full 360 degree business discovery platform to suit your needs through a variety of third party and in-house applications and programmes.

We provide strategic consulting to aid business transformation or change. We consult on Analytics Archive and Audit solutions  that enable clients to Monitor Measure and Manage their business by exception., thus enabling them to be competitive.  The aim is to increase data governance whilst at the same time ensure increased data agility.

We supply a range of business discovery solutions that enable you to make better and more informed decisions to the benefit of your company. Differentia Consulting have developed strong relationships with a number of solution providers, including:

Box: Box is a cloud platform that enables you to securely store, share, collaborate and manage all of your company’s files. Differentia Consulting is a Box partner.

Qlik: Qlik is the highest ranked visual analytics vendor offering a number of services including: Qlik View, QlikSense and NPrinting. The platform addresses users’ needs from reporting, dashboarding, analysis, application creation and business discovery. Qlik is a leader in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms. Differentia Consulting is a Qlik Elite Solution Provider, offering a platinum level of service across all sectors.

Alteryx: Alteryx provides predictive analytics, advanced analytics and data blending and can be integrated with a number of solutions including Qlik. Alteryx provides a single workflow for data blending, analytics and reporting that allows the seamless blending of internal, third party and cloud-based data. Differentia Consulting is an Alteryx Solution Provider. 

RapidMiner: RapidMiner is the #1 open source predictive analytics platform that empower enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process. RapidMiner has been positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms by Gartner.

JD Edwards: JD Edwards is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware that enable you to build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. Differentia Consulting are a long standing Oracle Gold Partner with over 10+ years providing solutions and support to both Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World.

Esri: Esri is a world-class enterprise geographic information systems (GIS) provider. Esri’s systems assist businesses, governments and public bodies to make timely, informed and mission-critical decision by using geography and mapping. Differentia Consulting have experience in providing added-value to this solution through integrating Esri’s ArcGIS with a number of data solutions (e.g. Qlik or Alteryx) via various GIS connectors to help you spot trends within your data through the use of mapping.

Differentia Consulting also supply a range bespoke dashboards and applications that sit on top of your business discovery platform through our Smarter.BI range of products that provide you the insight you need for your company.

#SmarterBI is Differentia Consulting’s Enterprise Performance Management and operational decision support layer that is primarily powered by Qlik’s Business Discovery System. #SmarterBI reduces risk and overall cost of ownership of business systems whilst delivering decision making insight to a world class standard.

Differentia Consulting is able to meet your needs regardless of technology, vertical or function. Through our many years of experience within the industry, our experts are able to fully understand your problem and provide a suitable solution.

Differentia Consulting also provide a range of free events for those wishing to get more out of their existing ERP and BI systems, including: #StressFreeJDE as well as a number of webinars and customer events.

To learn more about the products and services that Differentia Consulting offer, please click on the B2B Products Tab or visit our website at: https://www.differentia.consulting/

More: hello@differentia.consulting


Differentia Consulting is a Qlik Elite Solution Provider. This means, through our many years of experience of Qlik, that we are able to provide you with excellent support, expertise and implementation of your Qlik solution. To learn more about what Differentia Consulting can do for you and your Qlik solution, please visit: www.differentia.consulting/qlik/


Download FREE Qlik software from: https://www.differentia.consulting/qlik/products/qlik-sense-download-qlikview-download/




The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making.

QlikView’s associative experience provides answers as fast as you can think of the questions. It enables you interact with data without limitations to generate insight. Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions. Ask questions and pursue insights on your own or collaboratively on the fly. Search across all your data to get the big picture for instant, associative results that let you see new connections and relationships across your data. Benefit from self-service BI with no need to go back to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports.

QlikView lets IT deliver a complete self-service BI experience, whilst assuring data security, quality and governance. IT professionals consolidate data from multiple sources to deliver a complete data picture to business users. IT can remain focused on data security, governance, system maintenance and data and application provisioning. QlikView removes writing reports, tweaking queries, and building cubes from IT’s workload. QlikView can be easily administered through QlikView’s web-based management console.

Analysts and BI developers can now make cutting-edge apps easier than ever before that can be enhanced and extended as businesses change. QlikView allows you to easily create and manage data definitions, transformations, and business logic, and reuse them across QlikView apps. You can create and manipulate a wide variety of visualisations and change them on the fly. Analysts can create extensions using QlikView Workbench (a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in), integrate with enterprise portals and collaboration sites using QlikView web parts for use with Microsoft SharePoint and connect directly to popular business applications and data sources that include:

Salesforce.com, SAP NetWeaver, Informatica, Teradata, Hadoop and Google BigQuery

QlikView is an in-memory technology. QlikView has an inference engine that maintains the associations in the data automatically; calculates aggregations on the fly, for super-fast user experience; compresses data down to 10% of its original size to optimise the power of the processors and does this within a single, comprehensive product. This means there is less maintenance and faster development. Neither users nor developers have to maintain the associations in the data, so organisations can move rapidly from prototyping to development to refinement.

QlikView is highly extensible. Partners and customers can create custom chart types using the JavaScript API and load data into QlikView from any data source using the QYX data interchange interface. You’ll also be a part of the of the nearly 90,000 strong QlikCommunity and participate in lively discussions, ask questions, download and share QlikView apps.

see: https://www.differentia.consulting/qlik/products/qlikview/

Contact: info@differentia.consulting


Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides you with analytics so intuitive that anyone within your company could easily create personalised report and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amount of data and find meaningful insights. Qlik Sense provides a revolutionary visual analytics platform that supports self-service visualisation, guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework.

Qlik Sense not only makes simple and intuitive visual dashboard creation but also makes it easy to explore the data so you can understand what's happening and why. Seamlessly navigate vast amounts of data from multiple sources, then share your insights visually and accurately. 

Qlik Sense's smart visualisation use innovative new techniques, combined with the patented Qlik data indexing engine, conveys meaning to your data and enables them to remain interactive and responsive.

Don't where to start? Smart Search can connect the dots that uncover matching information and revealing data relationships across your data set.

Qlik Sense connects to multiple data sources to provide more comprehensive views, without compromising performance. You don't have to be an expert to use Qlik Sense, as it automatically profiles and connects data sources for you. You can also solve problems on the go. Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device from desktop to smartphone, and responds in real time.

Qlik Sense utilises drag and drop techniques that allow anyone to create compelling visualisations. Governed libraries let you share and reuse data, metric and objects; progressive creation lets you keep it as simple - or as sophisticated - as you like.

see: https://www.differentia.consulting/qlik/products/qlik-sense/

Qlik Sense


Box is reinventing how the world uses business content. Box allows files to be openly shared, yet remain fully secure. 

Box allows you to quickly and easily work securely with anyone - even if they are outside of you firewall. View, comment and connect with co-workers, no matter the document, location or device that they use. Box uses links that can have expiry dates or be password protected; removing the unsecure risks that are associated with e-mail attachments. You can instantly create shared folders for projects of any size, and control what each person has access to. 

Do you have highly confidential documents? Box enables you to control your content on a need to know basis. Use permissions and reporting capabilities to get control over every document in your business. You can control what content is available to users with scheduled file deletion and link deactivation features. With Box, you're always in control - you always know when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments on a document. You can see what's happening in real time and manage ownership centrally. To further reassure you, Box has HIPAA Compliance and is certified for EU and Swiss Safe Harbour.

Box also has the capability to sync your files securely and automatically between your desktop and your online Box folders via Box Sync. You can do this in the knowledge that your files are secure thanks to end-to-end enterprise grade security and encryption. You don't have to worry about FTP frustrations with Box. 

You can also scale your Box solution to suit your business size; no business is too big or too small. You also don't have to worry about the device or operating system that you use Box on, as it works across multiple platforms; giving every employee a consistently great experience.

If you wish to learn more about Box, please visit: https://www.differentia.consulting/box/



Alteryx provides analysts with an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights in hours rather than weeks that can be common place with traditional approaches.

There are three aspects to Alteryx:

Designer: Intuitive Workflow for Data Blending and Advanced Analytics

Server: Analytics that scale to support every need and every user

Gallery: easy sharing of analytics insight via the cloud

Alteryx takes a different approach by offering powerful data blending capabilities in an intuitive workflow that is up to 100x faster than traditional approaches. Alteryx delivers the complete range of data preparation tasks with a drag and drop workflow.

Alteryx gives you:

  • Fast access and blending of all the relevant data needed to answer a business question
  • Single intuitive workflow that empowers analysts
  • Analytics that are affordable for every analyst, and are useable by those closest to the business

Alteryx Designer:

The process of blending data and creating analytics can be a slow and painful process. It requires different tools and different data sources to build and publish analytic models, and even more to get it into the hands of business decision makers.

Alteryx designer solves this by delivering an intuitive workflow of data blending and advanced analytics that empowers data analysts by combining data blending, predictive analytics, spatial analytics and more into one workflow.

Alteryx Server:

Be empowered with Alteryx to develop analytics that lead to deeper business insights. Embrace data-driven decision making across your organisation by sharing the resulting insight with other departments and decision makers. Give others the power and flexibility to run their own apps and customise the output to their own needs. Free up time for analysts to focus on getting the insight to support the next business decision.

Alteryx Server delivers a comprehensive solution for analytics that enables you to share you analytic applications with business decision makers and empower everyone within your organisation. 

Alteryx Gallery:

The Alteryx Analytics Gallery represents a revolutionary shift in how a data analyst can create and deploy analytic applications. The Alteryx Analytics Gallery does this by leveraging the power of the cloud for end-user efficiency and productivity you can publish, iterate, and update analytic applications, without any assistance from IT.

  • Package you data and analytic workflows
  • Publish it securely to your studio
  • Grant or revoke access

Differentia Consulting are an Alteryx solution provider. If you wish to learn more about Alteryx, please visit: https://www.differentia.consulting/alteryx/


JD Edwards

JD Edwards: JD Edwards is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware that enable you to build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. Differentia Consulting are a long standing Oracle Gold Partner with over 10+ years providing solutions and support to both Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World. More: https://www.differentia.consulting/jdedwards/


JD Edwards


TimeXtender  TimeXtender Discovery Hub™ is a comprehensive new approach to business intelligence that brings together the best of both worlds: governance and self service. It enable business leader to rapidly access and interpret data they know they can trust. And it frees IT from tedious and redundant tasks that can readily be automated.

TimeXtender Discovery Hub™ leverages the power of automation and makes it easy to access, model and govern data. Unlike other approaches, which rely on a mix of tools and vendors for scripting, data prep, and data blending, Discovery Hub™ is fully integrated, delivering faster time to value with fewer resources.

More: https://www.differentia.consulting/timextender/



#SmarterBI Applications ...powered by Qlik

Differentia Consulting has expanded the Qlik Analytics Platform value-add by offering Smarter.BI Applications as part of an enterprise performance management (EPM) and operational intelligence (OI) – decision support layer, powered by the Qlik Analytics Platform, that reduces risk, and overall cost of ownership of business systems whilst delivering decision making insight to a world class standard. Yet still allowing your business to remain unique and agile.

The Qlik Analytics Platform is uniquely positioned to enable #SmarterBI solutions combined with Qlik third party tools and extensions world class infrastructure to drive real business value by delivering operational level intelligence.

More: https://www.differentia.consulting/smarter.bi/


#SmarterBI Applications ...powered by Qlik

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