Digital by Default Limited

We’re a small but dedicated team of creative digital designers and developers based just outside the Cathedral City of Lichfield in Staffordshire. Our aim is to help organisations exceed their marketing goals through the intelligent use of digital content and digital marketing campaigns and strategies.


Digital Branding

Understanding your core values and how best to build a strong relationship between your brand and audience is at the heart of what we do. We research and explore a range of ideas before refining that down and crafting a truly memorable brand that utilises an organic colour suite and complementary typography that delivers on all levels.

We have lots of demonstrable experience of designing brand identities and house styles that work across all marketing and social media channels as well as extending and enhancing existing brands to make the most of the new digital and social opportunities.

Web Design, Development & Management

We are experts in using pre-built CMS platforms such as; WordPress, Woo Commerce, Shopify and Hubspot. By adopting this agile and pragmatic approach to development means we can launch web projects quickly and efficiently, so our customers can start seeing the return on investment quickly. We are happy to partner with design agencies to develop the project within one of our core platforms to supplied designs.

We can host websites on dedicated servers, our own shared servers or on our customers’ existing servers. We can provide full on-going management support for both updates and content. We can offer a range of security and web protection tools from simple SSL and web monitoring tools to Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to help protect websites, their data and our customers’ reputation.

We can provide wire-frames and web designs as separate projects, backed by full user testing if required. We can partner with other development teams; legacy providers or in-house.

But perhaps most importantly; we design and develop great looking and versatile websites that will elevate your brand, business or organisation.

Digital Marketing & Strategy.

We can develop a digital marketing strategy to help launch a new brand, a new product or a new service direct to your target audience. Through developing regular promotions and campaigns that use eye-catching graphics and striking photography and video. These campaigns are then posted, managed and monitored across your social channels. We can design and host landing pages, created with the tight focus of the campaigns and promotions, that will help funnel users through promotional or interest-based pathways to your products or services. We can further support your campaigns through the use of specially designed email content that’s delivered directly to your customers or targets’ inbox.

These elements all form part of a well-orchestrated digital marketing campaign and, best of all, they are all measurable. So you’ll get a clear picture of your ROI.

So whether your campaign requires; Google MyBusiness, Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Landing pages, Microsites, Email Marketing, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we can help.

Video & Motion Graphics

We understand how to make the most of video on the web through the use of dynamic and interactive web content, case studies or testimonials as well as ‘How to’ style explainer videos. We can also provide short ‘teaser style’ video pieces for use on landing pages, microsites and social media channels and also video advertising across the Google Partner network.

Using video as part of your digital marketing creates a potent mix of on-demand and interactive content that will help elevate any digital project above the norm. Professional videos to help tell your story and engage with your audience.

Digital by Default Limited Overview