Digital Grape Business Services Ltd

Drawing on more than 25 years of expertise in international business development, Digital Grape Business Services provides ‘experienced based’ management advice and guidance to assist managers and directors, of both large and small organisations, to develop international market entry strategies.

Business intelligence forms a major aspect of the services that we provide for clients and we have particular ‘in depth’ understand of the follow high technology applications areas: 

* Smart Grids and Smart Metering projects
* Wireless/cellular broadband networks and cloud applications
* Video Analytics and CCTV systems design and evaluation
* Transit electronics and communications
* Intelligent Transport Systems
* GPS tracking, AVL and asset location reporting

A privately held company with offices in the UK and the US, Digital Grape Business Services provides various levels of business support from both its full time research and consulting staff as well as from a network of specialist consultants globally.ics and communications systems development  

Digital Grape Business Services Ltd Overview