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We manufacture and distribute the highest quality LED lighting and luminaries. We make cost efficient and functional lighting solutions in window displays, wall displays and as a part of a showcase.

Our LED lighting products consist of LED spotlights, stemlights, flexible LED ribbons, downlights, and floodlights. We also offer a selection of accessories for example retrofit lamps and LED controllers.

Showcase Lighting

Showcase lighting is perfect for retail display lighting and offers users flexible applications including bespoke and standard designs. Showcase lighting can be produced with low voltage and a mains voltage system for practical and cost efficient lighting solutions.

Our showcase lighting products include downlights, tracking systems, spotlights, fluorescent lighting, and lamps.

Display Lighting

Our display lighting systems can be used for a variety of lighting needs such as jewellery display and many others. We are a key company in the UK's lighting industry and display lighting solutions offer innovative, attractive and reliable alternatives.

Our display lighting projects have recently included work with Beaverbrooks, John Lewis Partnership, Debenhams, Harrods, and Ralph Lauren.


Our range of spotlights has exceptional flexibility and range and can be used integrated with showcases or as a part of wall displays and window displays.

We supply miniature spotlights, surface mount spotlights and stemlights with 12V and 240V lamps. Our clamp on spotlights are easy to install and can contain halogen or LED technology.

Track Lighting Systems

Our 12V and 240V track lighting systems include low voltage lighting and twin wire track lighting systems. Our track lighting systems can be combined into retail displays and used in exhibition and museum applications.

We provide out track lighting systems in kit form to enable people who are ensure what they need to get the correct parts and our range include apollo track, adhesive track, mini track, and C track.


Our downlights include 12V and 240V models ideal for lighting a range of display applications with truly stunning results.

Our range includes decorative recessed downlights, undercabinet downlights and 12V multi lamp recessed downlights.

Display Lighting Transformers

Display lighting transformers and control gears include a range of LED controllers and display lighting batteries.

Display lighting transformers include 12V constant voltage LED driver and 350mA and 700mA current drivers. We also supply electronic transformers and toroidal transformers.

12V Batteries

Our 12V batteries selection offer cost-efficient solutions for lighting displays where access to a mains power supply is inhibited. They are ideal for use at craft fairs to create effect jewellery displays.

We provide 12V batteries in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable designs able to operate the MR16 high power retrofit lamps. 

Fluorescent Lighting

Our fluorescent lighting displays include Sabre T2 luminaries and T4 and T5 Linklight models. T4 and T5 fluorescent lighting solutions are popular for undercabinet illumination and are easy to install and simple to connect to plug connections.

Fluorescent lighting and especially Sabre T2 are suited for people concerned about the colour rendering of LED lighting and the powerful range of illumination types make it ideal for a diversity of merchandise.

Metal Halide Luminaries

Metal halide luminaries include recessed downlights manufactured in aluminium and finished in a choice of silver and white.

The metal halide luminaries range includes lamps suitable for use with HQI ballast and a range of ceiling thicknesses.

Fibre Optic Lighting

Our fibre optic lighting sets are the perfect way to decorate merchandise displays and give an extra sparkle to items. Fibre optic lighting comes in LED light fibre optic sets allowing multiple points of lights to be controlled from a single light source.

Fibre optic lighting utilises thin strands of fibre optic cores inserted into a transparent emitter to create a stunning, starlight effect on ceilings and walls.

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