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DJS Research is a market research agency and we specialise in all aspects of the research process finding market research solutions. Delivered by experts, our market research solutions work in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research aims to provide an understanding of how or why things are as they are.

Our qualitative market research adopts lots of methodologies and includes:

• Research design
• Depth interviews
• Accompanied shops/surfs
• Quali hall tests
• Focus groups/group discussions
• Online research (web enabled groups/depths)
• Analysis, interpretation and reporting

Quantitative Market Research

In essence, quantitative market research seeks to discover how many people think, act or feel a particular way.

DJS Research Ltd has an abundance of experience in quantitative market research and we adopt these methodologies:

  • Telephone interviewing (in-house CATI unit)
  • Face to face interviewing (fieldforce throughout the UK)
  • Online research (using state of the art NEBU software)
  • Postal/self completion
  • Hall tests
  • Data processing (in-house data processing team)
  • Production of data tabulations
  • Reporting
  • Panels

Face to Face Market Reserach

Face to Face Market Research involves interviewing and we have strong interviewing offers available.

We can utilise face to face market research techniques such as these four examples:

  • On-street interviewing
  • Door to door interviewing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Exit surveys

Telephone Surveys Market Research

We have a dedicated team to commit to telephone surveys and market research with extensive experience in telephone surveys in a number of industries. Telephone surveys and market research is used widely as a methodology for many research projects. We can carry out your research project efficiently and quickly.

Postal/Self Completion Market Research

Our postal and self completion market research procedures target various sectors including consumers, employees and residents. DJS Research has conducted many surveys all in these audience fields. The postal and self completion market research we undertake ranges from surveying small targeted surveys to larger projects.

Online Market Research

The team at DJS Research has extensive experience in online market research, including website evaluation research. We use surveys as one of our methods for our online market research.

Focus Group Market Research

We have carried out hundreds of focus groups for market research, and all of our researchers have qualitative technique experience behind them. Our focus groups for market research involve both businesses and consumers.

Hall Test Market Research

A useful quantitative methodology example is Hall Tests. Hall Test market research involves hiring a venue in an easily accessible location. We have in depth knowledge on hall tests to carry out professional Hall Test market research.

Data Processing and Analysis Market Research

Our researchers use a range of specialist analysis packages to carry out data processing and analysis market research. We have over a decade of experience in the field and all interpretation, analysis and reporting is conducted by senior researchers within our data processing and analysis market research.

Depth Interviews Market Research

The extent of our depth interviews and market research stretches to both consumers and businesses. Depth interviews for market research are used for capturing perceptions and attitudes.

Interpretation and Reporting Market Research

Interpretation and reporting market research enables us to put forward recommendations for action, and analyse findings in critical depth. For interpretation and reporting the market research, we take care to present our findings in a clear, concise and commercial manner.

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