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At Domino UK, we're proud to be an established manufacturer of quality printing technologies including G-Series printing and thermal ink jet coding. Our established reputation is known throughout the world, selling to over 120 countries into a variety of different industries.

Domino's thermal ink jet coding offers the ability to work using quality thermal ink jet printers in the high speed G-Series range.  Ideal for meeting high speed coding requirements in today's manufacturing world, our G-Series range provides the only thermal ink jet (TIJ) solution. This means you have the ability to print onto a variety of substrates.

Thermal Transfer Coding

With the fastest printing speeds and the largest ribbon rolls in the industry, Domino's i-tech ribbon drive ensures the optimum thermal transfer coding. The V320i, in the V-series range, comes with low-cost ownership so thermal transfer coding technology can be printed to large areas in high resolution on a variety of substrates.

Binary Printer

Domino's binary printer technology, at its high standard of quality and consistent printing at excess speeds, has been developed to perform to maximum quality every time. The Bitjet+ binary printer uses 256 nozzles, each capable of printing at extremely high speed onto surfaces from plastics to thin papers.

Continuous Ink Jet

Domino is proud to be the industry leader in continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers. With our worldwide reputation, we are the favourite supplier of many OEMs and MNC's to many different countries. The ability to print directly onto most surfaces, from foods and rubber, to metal and glass and superior printhead technology with electrically charged ink droplets, are just two key examples of what our continuous ink jet technology can offer.

Fume Extraction

Fume extraction is key when using laser coders to print. With fume extraction comes key benefits including safe working environments and improved production efficiency. The DPX extraction unit uses a two-stage filter process to remove any harmful gases in a cost effective and reliable method.

Valve- Jet Printing

Valve- jet printing has a range of useful benefits, and we understand these can be specific to the user's requirements. Our Macrojet and case coder ink jet printers in the C-Series provide the valve-jet technology needed to print on materials including corrugated outer cases and PVC. Valve- jet printing is cost effective, easily maintained and operated, and designed to meet all of your needs.

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