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VICTOR is the internationally registered brand name owned by Dowding & Plummer Ltd. And is used on our range of floor maintenance products.

Formed in 1946 the company has continually been synonymous with the design and manufacture of industrial floor cleaning equipment.

Widely regarded asleading the marketplace in terms of quality, performance and reliability Victor's commitment to innovation and quality has seen the successful development of product ranges both domestically and internationally in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Battery Powered Tub Vacuum

The V-9B Battery Tub Vacuum features HEPA filtration and a 9-litre capacity.

Cable free use makes it ideal for daytime cleaning, with a runtime of just over 1 hour. The V-9B has been redesigned for 2013 to be over 30% lighter and deliver 3 times more runtime from a single charge.

The V-9B has more suction and an improved, more comfortable 30 degree bend to make operation easier. The battery is also longer life and should last for well over 1000 charge cycles, that should meet the demands of a 3 year cleaning contract.

The V-9B comes complete with machine unit including battery, charger, hose and downtubes and full tool kit.

Battery Scrubber Driers

The M16 has large separate tanks with 20 litre recovery and 20 litre solution capacities to keep you cleaning longer. Its unique design delivers this large cleaning range from an extremely small footprint making the M16 easier to store and more portable than most other scrubber driers.

 The M20 (pictured) comes complete with 110A/H batteries that will deliver 3 hours runtime.

Battery Ride-On Scrubber Drier

Increase productivity with the MR60B ride on scrubber drier, priced comparable to a larger pedestrian machine but delivering up to twice the productivity. Simple to use and maintain, the MR60B should be part of the cleaning regime for every larger area. The machine is delivered complete with batteries, onboard charger and brush or pad drive. Read more...

Battery Burnisher

The Victor FSX Battery Burnisher offers ultra speed (1000rpm) burnishing, excellent battery performance and a flexible driveboard to work with the contours of the floor.

The FSX features an isolation key that operates as an extra layer of safety to prevent tampering, or use by unauthorised personnel.


Dowding & Plummer Ltd have been manufacturing VICTOR  industrial floor cleaning equipment, in Birmingham England, for over 40 years and at the heart of the range stand the Single Disc Rotary Floor machine. Used by Hospitals, Schools and Cleaning Contractors around the world, the VICTOR brand has built a reputation for quality and reliability second to none.

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Europa Range

With an all metal base construction the Europa range of rotaries have been the market leader for a number of years.

Available with a 400mm or 450mm diameter disc/brush and either standard, high or super high speed models.

Model shown is the popular VR-E450SH our vacuumated super speed machine.

Lynx Range

The Lynx range of machines operates at 1080 rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing, and a superior finish on the floor. Available with or without vacuumation.

The Lynx V models come complete with a vacuum attached to remove all dust and fine debris created through the spray cleaning or burnishing process.

The L17V uses 17" (450 mm) pads. The L20V uses 20" (500mm) pads.


The Multispeed is available with a 400mm or 450mm  diameter disc/brush and offers 3 operating speeds, 200 rpm, 400 rpm and 600 rpm in one machine. This allows the user unlimited cleaning power with the capability to carry out any hard floor cleaning task and effectively clean carpets.

The Multispeed features a controlled soft start. This is particularly useful for inexperienced operators and makes the machine easy to control on start up during carpet bonnet mopping or shampooing.   Also available in 110V.

Contractor Range

The Contractor Range of rotary machines offers unrivalled value and performance accross a range of hardfloor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.

At 300 rpm the Contractor Range provide the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. Fit the optional tank for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal, buffing and spray cleaning.

As with all Victor machines the Contractor Range are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. A drive board is included so you can just attach the appropriate pad and start cleaning.


The price includes a Drive Board.





The simple to use pictorial control panel makes operating the SD40, and training a new operator, quick and easy. All the functions can be controlled independently allowing greater flexibility in your cleaning routine to maximise results. A pre-scrub can be carried out by activating only the solution and the brush, giving the chemical increased reaction time before picking up the solution and dirt during regular passes with the vacuum running.


This 15 litre capacity scrubber drier can be operated either working forwards or backwards due to the squeegee’s located either side of the brush. The brush itself is fully floating so it can adapt to uneven floors giving them an even clean.

Furthermore, the SD-15 cleans right up to the edge of any floor due to its extended brush. The brush can also be easily removed for cleaning, or changing to one of the others available for use on a different floor type.



WV35 Range

The WV35N provides powerful wet vacuuming with a genuine 35 litre capacity. The internal float assembly has the unique ability to float on foam protecting the motor from damage, and both machines have a dump hose fitted at the rear for easy emptying. The dry use filter option is HEPA, for safer dust removal.

The WV35N has a wide cleaning width of 600 mm created by its self-levelling squeegee, and is easy and comfortable to use.

Also available with a wandering hose and tool kit instead of the fixed nozzle. WV35


The Victor Wet & Dry range of stainless steel vacuums offer powerful suction with a low noise level.

Ideal for water pick up and suited for use during scrubbing or stripping floorcare tasks, the WD-30 comes complete with dry filters and a complete range of tools for both wet and dry use. This machine has a 20 Litre tank capacity.


The Victor Wet & Dry range of stainless steel vacuums offer powerful suction with a low noise level.

The WD-60 features two motors for stronger suction and a genuine 55 litre capacity. Ideal for water pick up and suited for use during scrubbing or stripping floor care tasks, the WD-60 comes complete with dry filters and a complete range of tools for both wet and dry use.




V-9 / V-9E

The Victor V9 HEPA 9 litre tub vacuum, in tests, achieves an efficiency of 99.9965% - passing only 35 particles per million which is 8 times better than the standard IEC60312 allows.

Powerful suction and proven effective filtration make the Victor V-9 one of the most productive tub vacuum cleaners available.

Also available as an Anti-Static version V-9E.

These models are available in different COLOURS and can be screen printed with YOUR COMPANY LOGO.*

*minimum quantities apply.


The UCS provides exceptional cleaning ability with the independently powered brush and vacuum, together with the versatility of a tub vacuum through the built in wand and extendable hose.

The Victor Upright range also includes the V-470, a wider area twin motor upright vacuum, complete with extendable hose, wand and the availability of HEPA filtration.




Utilising the power of the solution spray that is agitated deep into the carpet pile by the chevron bristled brush, the powerful vacuum then removes the solution and dirt from the carpet, depositing it in the separate recovery tank for simple emptying.


The CX-7 sprays a fine mist of cleaning solution onto the carpet, then actively removes the solution and dirt in one easy action. Weighing only 9.5 kg the CX-7 is easily portable with its centralised carrying handle.

Separate solution and recovery tanks make the CX-7 quick to fill, easy to empty and simple to keep clean. The clear dome allows the operator to see the dirt being collected and whether foam is collecting in the tank.


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