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As a leading global supplier of precision custom rubber seals, gaskets and mouldings, DP Seals plays a key role in serving the Aerospace, Defence, Subsea, Oil & Gas, Medical, Sports Equipment, Motorpsort and Industrial markets.

DP Seals regularly takes on problems where others have failed. It is this hard-earned reputation for innovative problem solving combined with knowledge and experience in specifying formulas and compositions for materials that have proved invaluable, especially where high performance and longevity in sometimes hazardous environments are of paramount importance.

AS 9100 Rev C, accredited, the company has been making custom rubber mouldings for over 35 years and employs some 50 people at its three Poole sites.

Custom Rubber Seals, Gaskets & Mouldings - Materials Expertise

At DP Seals we pride ourselves on being able to provide specialist advice in selecting and developing exactly the right blend of materials to meet a vast range of performance requirements.

Manufacturing everything from self-lubricating O-rings for emergency buttons to large anti-vibration mounts for Saab Viggen fighter fuel tanks, DP Seals has built up unrivalled expertise in advanced rubber technology for extreme environments, such as FFKM, VITON Extreme, low-temp HNBR and specialist silicones.

In-house specialists advise on material selection - and can create custom blends to meet performance targets – and work hand-in-hand with customer design engineers to ensure the end products meet specification.

Custom Rubber Seals, Gaskets & Mouldings - Materials Expertise

Custom Rubber Seals, Gaskets & Moulding - Quick, Quality, Precision Prototype Development.

Materials expertise

The materials expertise outlined above allows us to quickly recommend the best compounds for your requirements combined with the following elements which ensure your timescales and targets are achieved. 

In house tooling

Whether producing multi-cavity tools for mass production or one-off tools for prototypes, the busy in-house tool room benefits from the latest technology: state-of-the-art vertical machining centres and advanced CNC lathes and mills augmented by advanced spark erosion and wire cutting capabilities.

CAD/CAM & 3D Printing

Direct, high-efficiency CAD/CAM links from client engineer desktops to the tool room, ensuring accurate prototype tooling in optimum time without compromising precision or quality. The ability to manipulate 3D solid models allows the most effective layers for tooling to be identified, whilst 3D printing of custom seals and mouldings further shortens prototyping times to speed the clients’ development programmes.

Quality control

From limited-run prototyping to Kanban/JIT-integrated volume production, DP Seals manufactures all to the highest standards of quality and precision. Whether it’s a WRC engine gasket manufactured in dozens per year or 7mm±0.1mm diameter balls manufactured at 300,000 per month for use in car suspensions, everything is fully integrated into the company’s rigorous AS 9100 quality regimen - incorporating BAE Systems accreditation and ISO 9001 - and strictly monitored and enforced by the company’s dedicated quality unit. Fully automated CNC cryogenic (-130°C) cleaning - one of the most advanced installations of its kind in the world - ensures flash and defect-free output.


Custom Rubber Seals, Gaskets & Moulding - Quick, Quality, Precision Prototype Development.

Rubber To Metal Bonding Expertise

DP Seals is also a leading exponent of in-tool rubber-to-metal bonding, producing a wide variety of mouldings for aerospace, brewing, automotive and computer peripherals. And by combining this with its materials knowledge, the company was one of the first to successfully bond optimised HNBR to stainless steel for aircraft refuelling installations inside the Arctic Circle.

Rubber To Metal Bonding Expertise
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