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Dragonfly Acoustics is an independent acoustic consultancy providing comprehensive noise and vibration design, advice, measurement and testing services and Occupational and Environmental Dust monitoring, for projects all over the UK from our offices near York, North Yorkshire.

We at Dragonfly Acoustics pride ourselves on being a noise and vibration consultancy able to deal with issues in a direct and efficient manner obtaining swift and accurate results for our clients. For more details on our services including noise and vibration,dust, fume and vapour measurements please contact us.


Dragonfly Acoustics offers the following acoustic design services: 

Architectural and Building Acoustic Design

Building Acoustics, or Architectural Acoustics, design and testing is a key specialism of Dragonfly Acoustics. Our acoustic consultancy team offers a construction review service and can assist in the design of the acoustics of any building from the initial concept stage.

Office and Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics is often overlooked as an area of acoustic design. Failing to consider room acoustics can have a huge impact on the suitability of a work or leisure space. Dragonfly Acoustics can offer both computer and physical modelling and we can predict the acoustics of internal spaces including acoustic issues relating to speech clarity and speech privacy.

Speech Privacy

Speech Privacy, or audibility, is not just a concept; it is a quantifiable feature of any room or open plan area. Dragonfly Acoustics can design the internal spaces within a development to ensure a high standard of speech privacy, or audibility, whichever is required.

School and Educational Acoustics

Research has shown that acoustic conditions within schools can have a profound impact on pupils' learning and staff performance. We have experience in interpreting the needs and requirements created by BB93 and in integrating the requirements of BB93 into music and performing arts spaces.

Sound Insulation Testing

We are experienced in sound insulation testing (often referred to as Sound Testing or Noise Testing) and on-site diagnosis of noise transmission problems. We can supply advice on remedial works if required, such as optimum construction of floating floors, dry lining of walls and many other specialist treatments..



The Health and Safety of you and your staff is important to us at Dragonfly Acoustics. We offer the following related noise and vibration measurement services.

Noise At Work

Dragonfly Acoustics has extensive experience in assessing noise in the workplace, on sites as diverse as oil rigs, ships, concert arenas, large manufacturing sites and small specialist workshops. Our approach assesses the needs of your business and provides a solution that is truly tailored to your noise issues.

Hand Arm Vibration

Vibration control is often not a simple process. Our work will quantify for you whether the daily vibration exposure of your employees reaches their action values and, if so, we can then advise you on the actions you should take to reduce their exposure and reduce the risk.



Residential Noise

Dragonfly Acoustics has extensive experience in dealing with residential planning applications for sites ranging in size from one dwelling to more than one hundred dwellings. At Dragonfly Acoustics we routinely undertake noise measurements to establish the suitability of sites for residential development.

 Commercial and Industrial Noise

Commercial noise issues can range from planning noise assessments for air handling and cooling plant to large warehousing and distribution sites. For Industrial sites we have dealt with planning applications for waste management sites to oil and gas terminals through to energy generation from waste facilities.


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