Dragons Breath Solar

When it comes to getting the most from renewable systems, a good quality photovoltaic panel is essential to generate power towards battery storage. We can supply all of the essentials to run a house, caravan, cabin, houseboat or allotments where stored electricity is needed to power LED lights household utilities, white good or tools.

Our pre-assembled kits are prepared within a bespoke weather proof cabinet IP64, with our customer in mind to offer a safe plug and play design that meets with electrical safety regulations. These are used in conjunction with quality control equipment and inverters to provide an instant supply for demands. Kits include MPPT controllers, 12 or 24v inverters, display for optimum battery state of charge, circuit breaker and fuse protection. These kits are ideal for those who want to merge self consumption with battery backup/storage.

Voltage control equipment is provided to match systems that require sophistication with MPP tracking sensors; these are used for optimum battery performance. Power packs are specifically designed to perform well in long duration's during loads discharging and operating under extreme conditions. We supply a range of specially designed home energy kits.

Low voltage PV modules can be used for an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) providing maximum charging power for remote off-grid locations. This equipment under normal workloads will last for many score years to provide the very best outback battery powered performance. We only use the very best generator materials guaranteed to provide long lasting electric power requirements.

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