drawTREND Ltd


drawTREND Ltd services and supplies Integrated Automation Systems, Industrial PLC Systems, CNC Systems, Motion Control & Drives and PC Systems.

As a company drawTREND Ltd can supply complete control solutions to a wide range of industrial process and manufacturing applications to the following industries: Chemical, Petrochemical, Iron, Steel, Paper, Food and Beverage Industries.

S5 S7 PLC Control Panels

Problem solving reduces waste, improves efficiency and virtually eradicates downtime by using the latest technology and software including/covering S5, S7 PLC systems andSCADA/MMI products.

TOTAL SYSTEM INTEGRATION - computer aided, structured analysis of requirement specification.

CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN - comprehensive control systems.

DESIGN AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT - conceptual design, costings, full scale project implementation.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND TRAINING -  Technical maintenance is on a call-out or full cover basis.

S5 S7 PLC Control Panels
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