Drilltec (East Anglia) Ltd


We have been developing and integrating the latest frequency technology enabling us to accurately and quietly perform diamond drilling in reinforced concrete and block work.

With partnerships with HILTI, we use the most advanced diamond drilling machines that operate quieter and are capable of drilling larger holes with electric motors. Holes can be drilled from 8mm up to 750mm in diameter and to any depth required.

Stitch diamond drilling is used to achieve larger and irregular openings and can drilled to a depth of three metres. Diamond drilling machines can be used inverted and at vertical and horizontal positions.

The advantages of diamond drilling include its non percussive attributes, quietness and no spoiling of the original brickwork.

Concrete Cutting

We use ICS chainsaw technology offering exceptional concrete cutting. ICS chainsaws can saw 600mm thick concrete with ease.

Using a variety of accessories and attachments, our concrete cutting facilities create perfect straight cuts for window and door openings and can be achieved without the hassle of excessive set up tine.

The ICS chainsaw blade is an innovative design using laser-welded diamond segments to offer ultimate performance and longevity.

Concrete Cutting

Diamond Sawing

We provide a complete diamond sawing service. We can undertake a range of concrete sawing work for a variety of applications. For wall sawing requirements, we have our own Hilti saws, TS20 and TS5's high frequency three phrase electric saws.

These machines are powerful, 3-phase hydraulic saws to cut extensive depths through reinforced concrete. They significantly reduce the risks of hand/arm vibration and enables users to operate non stop due to its zero vibration level.

Other diamond sawing services includes floor sawing. We offer floor services in a selection of packages tailored to your needs. We provide gas powered, petrol powered and 3-phase electrical powered sawing for use in a range of diverse situations.

Diamond Sawing


Our nationwide diamond drilling services greatly benefits the construction and civil engineering sectors. For our expert and skilled demolition work, we use robotic Brokk equipment, wire saws and bursters.

Brokk demolition robots are controlled via a control panel operated by a trained professional and have a range of additions such as percussive hammer, hydraulic jaws and buckets for debris left from clearing and excavation.

Brokk's 3-phase electrical power is ideal for work in restricted areas where noise and fumes may cause a risk and, in terms of safety, operators can remote control the Brokk robot.


Rotary Percussive Drilling

Our rotary percussive drilling services include drilling, grinding, planning and demolition. Rotary percussive drilling are hand held drills with tungsten carbide drill bits to perform holes up to 32mm.

Rotary percussive drilling accessories are ideal for sites where noise is not an issue and care must be taken to avoid hand/arm vibration injuries and can only be used for the stated time limited as written in the HAV legislation.


We supply Ferroscan equipment providing intricate sensors to pick up magnetic rays from reinforced bars in concrete slabs. They have an easy to use monitor analysis and calculate the diameter and depth can accurately be recorded for immediate use on site.

The benefits of Ferroscan on construction sites are essential to provide data on structural sections in a building or load bearing column.

The benefits of Ferroscan equipment also includes time saving procedures such as positioning the hole or cut so rebars are missed. Time wasting, due to excessive steel and rebar hits, are greatly reduced.

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