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Cubic Screw Jacks are used wherever controlled lifting, lowering and slewing is required. They can be installed singly, in pairs or as part of a multiple jack system. A full CAD library is available.

  • Lifting force from 2.5 kN to 500 kN
  • Linear speeds up to 1.5 m/min
  • 11 sizes in two gear ratios for normal and slow linear speeds using trapezoidal spindles
  • Ball screw options for higher linear speeds
  • Can be mounted in any attitude
  • Generally maintenance free
  • Gear casings aluminium or grey cast iron in
    a cubic form
  • Food quality options and many specials available

Our range of Screw Jacks (click here to view) also incorporates High Speed Screw Jacks for lifting forces of 15 kN to 90 kN and linear speeds up to 13.5 m/min, Classic Single Face Screw Jacks for lifting forces of 5 kN to 2000 kN with 13 sizes in two gear ratios to choose from, and the High Performance Screw Jacks for lifting forces of 5kN to 1000kN and linear speeds up to 3.0 m/min, plus many ball screw options.

IMS Gear Units

  • Rated up to 300 Nm
  • Dia 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 81, 105 and 120 mm
  • Ratios 3.7 to 2076:1
  • Input speeds up to 6000 r/min

    IMS General Purpose Planetary Gearheads can be used with virtually any motor and offer cost effective torque enhancement and speed reduction. Metal or thermoplastic construction or a combination of both ensure optimization of strength, cost, noise and life. Tailor-made, not just off the shelf, there are an incredible 10000 different combinations.
    Complete geared motor solutions to suit requirements can also be provided. There is also a low noise gearhead range available, rated up to 195 Nm with ratios of 3.65 to 2653:1. CAD Files available.

IMS Low Noise Gearheads


  • 7 gearbox sizes from 0.75 Nm to 195 Nm
  • PM LN metal type with plastic helical first - stage gears
  • Ratios from 3.7:1 to 2653:1
  • Recommended input speed 3000 rpm

Increasing demand for quiet drives has lead to the introduction of the Low Noise Planetary Gearhead range. Gear design and materials combine to provide significantly quieter solutions without compromising torque handling capability. Noise sensitive applications, typically found in markets for domestic, medical and surveillance products are expected to benefit from this new range.

Complete geared motor solutions to suit requirements can also be provided.

MS-Graessner Precision Right Angle DynaGear

The DynaGear Precision Gearhead series has been designed for highly dynamic servo drives. The newly developed hybrid gearing allows for high transmission ratios. A reduced torsional backlash and a high positional accuracy are achieved through optimized manufacturing techniques.

MS-Graessner Precision Right Angle DynaGear

  • Rated up to 1440 Nm
  • Backlash down to 2'
  • Max motor shaft dia 80 mm
  • Integer ratios from 3 to 15:1
  • Input speeds up to 8000 r/min
  • Motor connection via coupling with clamping hub

    The DynaGear Precision Gearhead series has been designed for highly dynamic servo drives. The newly developed hybrid gearing allows for high transmission ratios. A reduced torsional backlash and a high positional accuracy are achieved through optimized manufacturing techniques. Greased for life, the gearboxes are maintenance-free and can be mounted in any attitude. Also High Ratio options (2-stage) from 18 to 100:1, please enquire.

    There is also an Economy Version available, for torques up to 140 Nm with ratios of 5 to 15:1.

MS-Graessner Bevel Gearhead PowerGear

  • Rated up to 7000 Nm
  • Ratios from 1:1 up to 5:1
  • Output via solid and hollow shaft
  • Efficiency >98%
  • Input speeds up to 6500 r/min
  • Motor connection direct or via coupling and flange

    The PowerGear offers angular torque transfer and torque distribution in single, or multiple shaft configuration for lifting arrays or transfer lines; when weight is important in non-stationary applications the PowerGear design is the ideal solution.
    The PowerGear is often found in applications where torque forces are high and space is of a premium due to its' robust, reliable and maintenance free nature.

ZF Precision Planetary Gearheads

  • Rated up to 3000 Nm
  • Backlash down to 2'
  • Max motor shaft dia 60 mm
  • Integer ratio from 3 to 100:1
  • Input speeds up to 10000 r/min
  • Co-axial input and output arrangement
  • Same input and output direction
  • Motor connection via coupling with clamping hub

    Precision Planetary Gearheads are used in machine tools, robots and a wide range of automation engineering applications. Greased for life, they are maintenance-free and can be mounted in any attitude.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available. 

ZF Economy Planetary Gearheads

  • Rated up to 290 Nm
  • Backlash down to 10'
  • Max motor shaft dia 32 mm
  • Integer ratios from 3 to 100:1
  • Input speeds up to 6000 r/min
  • Co-axial input and output arrangement
  • Same input and output direction
  • Motor connection via coupling with clamping hub

    The Economy Planetary Gearhead series has been developed for applications where backlash is less critical. Greased for life, they are maintenance-free and can be mounted in any attitude.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available.

ZF Precision Worm Gearheads

  • Rated up to 7833 Nm
  • Backlash down to 1'
  • Integer ratios from 5.2 to 90:1
  • Input speeds up to 6000 r/min
  • Keyless connection
  • Available in hollow shaft, dual output shaft and single output shaft configurations

    The Worm Precision Gearhead series has been designed to meet the demands of servo drive applications, e.g. high accuracy tasks in manufacturing machine and assembly control systems. The single stage right-angled configuration allows for a compact design unit. Three levels of backlash precision are available. Greased for life, the gearboxes are maintenance-free.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings are available, please just ask.

ZF Duoplan Two-Speed Gear Drives


  • 7 gearbox sizes from 19 kW to 120 kW
  • Normal ratios 1:1 and 4:1
  • Inline planetary design
  • Horizontal or vertical operation
  • Output pully or spindle shaft
  • Fastor downshifting operation
  • Superior low speed performance
  • Low vibration and minimal heat transfer to spindle

The Duoplan Two-Speed Gear Drives remove the need for larger and more costly spindle motors and controls in machine tool main spindle drives. Optimising the power of main spindle drives below their normal constant power range is a simple, fast and efficient matter of downshifting.

ABBA Linear Guides

  • Patented lifetime internal lubrication
  • Patented ball re-circulation ensures consistent, smooth operation
  • Even load distribution
  • Size interchangeable with other manufacturers' linear guides
  • Rapid movement with low audible noise
  • Integrated sealing system
  • High accuracy

    ABBA Linear Guides are available in a variety of options, including with/without flange, preload adjustments and precision class to allow you to customize your guide system for numerous linear applications.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available. 

Linear Ball Screws


For your industrial needs

Drive Lines range of precision ball screws enables cost effective high speed and high precision actuation for automation and industrial applications. With a number of styles and size options coupled with short lead times and complete machining to your requirements, we can deliver what you need, when you need it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of accuracy class C5-C10
  • Preload and axial play options P0-P2 grade
  • Rolled and precision ground screws
  • Screw diameters from 12-80mm

Flange & Non Flange Nuts
International standard sizes and DIN spec nuts to suit all applications. SFS, DFS, SFI, DFI, SFU and DFU single and double length flange nuts. SCI non flange compact nuts for space saving applications. Specials on request.

Shaft End Support Bearings
Standard size fixed and floating end support bearings. FF and FK flange style and BK, BF, EK, EF base mounted support units. Complete with locking nuts and thrust bearings included for a ready to install system. We can also supply couplings to match your motor drive.

Shaft End Machining
Drive Lines can provide very cost effective, fast and accurate machining of the ball screw ends to suit our end bearing supports or your own design. We can work to your drawings and produce a fully machined ball screw with nut and support bearings in just 2-3 weeks.

Combined Bearings and Rails

  • Industry standard sizes for ease of interchange or simple integration into current systems
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Absorb high radial and axial loads
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable

    Combined Bearings and Rails provide a cost effective solution to your mechanical handling and heavy load guidance needs. The system combines a radial bearing to take out high loads and a smaller axial roller to eliminate side movement. Ideally suited to guiding lift systems, platform and cantilever loads where it is advisable to eliminate high side forces on lifting actuators such as Screw Jacks.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available. 

Easy Linear Driven Stages


Complete Linear Solutions

Easy Linear Driven Slide systems are easy for engineers to specify, configure and install. Using ball guides or ball bushings in single and double track designs offer flexibility and provides a made to measure engineered solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Numerous drive options are available including ball screw and lead screw
  • Accessories include motor mounts C-face NEMA, Oriental and European metric motors, hand cranks with locks and limit switches
  • Single and multi-axis configuration
  • Right and left hand double acting slides
  • Precision aligned and manufactured
  • Ready to install packages
  • Special materials for radiation and nuclear harsh environments and applications

Linear Ball Bushings and Shafts

  • European and Japanese metric sizes
  • Flange and double length flange ranges
  • Open and closed aluminium pillow blocks
  • 2 bolt cast pillow blocks
  • Precision ground shafting in steel, stainless-steel and hard coat aluminium
  • Fully machined support rail and end supports

    Specialist product lines also available on request, including Teflon, sleeve and push-fit bearings
    Linear Ball Bushings are available in sizes from 3mm up to 60mm diameter. With shafts to match, this product range is ideally suited for applications in all fields of mechanical engineering, in the construction of special machinery, jigs and fixtures.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available.

LM76 Linear Bearings and Blocks

  • Available in Ceramic, Self-Lubricating and Self-Aligning versions
  • Open and closed forms
  • Quiet running
  • Economically priced

    Ceramic coating does not chip, flake or crack upon impact, shock or vibration.. It works where other materials fail - Glass, Granite, Chemicals, Heat and Shock. Teflon coating is hard wearing and especially suited for high load applications.

    2D and 3D CAD Drawings available. 

LM76 Speed Demon and Defender Rail

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Low friction
  • Rollers sealed for life
  • Adjustable preload
  • High speed operation
  • Felt shaft wipers

    LM76 SPEED DEMON linear bearings feature an extruded aluminum, lightweight rail and block, available with 3, 4 or 5 double angular contact rollers which are factory lubricated and sealed for the life of the bearing. The blocks have a unique eccentric adjustment nut which allows for easy adjustment of the running clearance (preload) between the double angular rollers and shafting. An integral felt wiper wipes debris and contamination from the shaft. A no-frills, low-cost version, the Defender Rail, is also available.

US Automation Linear Positioning

  • Linear positioning
  • Intelligent Motors
  • Brushless Motors
  • Step Motors

    US Automation is a supplier of innovative and cost effective motion control solutions. Please browse their website (includes CAD Drawings and Video Clips) or download the product catalogue for further information.



Drive Lines Technologies Ltd are now a supplier for THK Linear Motion technology. THK is the world’s leading manufacturer of linear motion products. These include precision linear guides, linear actuators and linear motion systems, ball splines, ball screws, cross roller bearings and a wide range of ancillary components.

LM Guides
THK is the world’s largest manufacturer of Linear Motion guides, with products for almost every application.
Industry standard sizes were set by these guides.
HSR, SR and HRW LM ranges cover standard height, low profile and wide slide requirements. Ranges from JUP ultra high loads to HCR circular guides. Available with many options and materials / coatings to allow for special purpose – hazardous, clean room and wash down applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Four way equal load in all directions
  • Automatic self adjusting
  • Low centre of gravity and torsional rigidity
  • High precision and high speed
  • Miniature ranges down to 2.5mm high
  • High load capacity
  • Compact and low circular guides
  • High precision and high speed

Linear Actuators
THK high performance linear actuators, based on proven LM guide technology are built in ball screw or drive belt drive options.
SKR high accuracy ball screws range for a wide range of applications. KR cost effective, one piece construction creates a compact and competitively priced actuator. GL high speed range using ball screws or drive belt for movement up to 300mm/second.

Features and Benefits:

  • Light weight rigid construction
  • High rigidity
  • Extremely accurate motion
  • Smooth and almost silent operation
  • High speeds
  • Wide range of options

Ball Screws & Miniature Ballscrews
THK full range of high performance and cost effective rolled and ground ball screws. Miniature ranges and high precision lead accuracy of C3 and C5 classes available.
Ground, rolled, miniature and high speed SBN ranges in a variety of sizes and styles. High precision, high speed and long operational life requirements are all catered for, our support bearings and machining options provide complete packages.

Features and Benefits:

  • High rigidity
  • Minimal backlash and preloaded options
  • Fast feed speed
  • High positional accuracy
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Miniature screw diameters from 4mm

Extra Products
THK offers an extensive range of accessories and support products to enhance the applications and performance of their linear motion and ball screw technologies. The extra products cover a wide range including: compact cross roller tables, ball splines, cam followers, FBW slide packs, FBL telescopic draw slides and precision cross roller rings to provide solutions to all your designs.

Features and benefits:

  • Large loads and rigid roller guides
  • Preloaded ball splines for linear speed and rotational motion
  • Compact and almost zero friction ball slides
  • Thin and compact, infinite stroke telescopic slides
  • Ultra thin, high accuracy, high load cross roller rings



Cost Effective Rotation

Drive Lines supply a wide range of ball turntables of varying sizes and capacity. The range of un-drilled slewing rings and pre-drilled Turntable units offer cost effective solutions to material coiling, pallet rotation, tooling and assembly handling applications.

L/N Series Turntables

  • Basic specification and low cost range
  • Supplied non drilled and primed for corrosion protection
  • Load capacity from 0.75-4.5 tonnes
  • Diameters 400-1050 mm

KDL Series Turntables

  • High capacity slewing rings with seals for demanding
  • mechanical handling applications
  • Hardened ball race, load capacity 4-25 tonnes
  • Diameters 520-1200 mm
  • Supplied non drilled and primed for corrosion protection

HE/SO Series Turntables

  • Wide and high mounting design
  • Pre-drilled upper and lower rings
  • Load capacity from 3-16 tonnes
  • Diameters 685-1200 mm

Supplied primed for corrosion protection.

Brakes and Clutches

ZF Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches provide a cost effective simple solution in tension control applications, for example the production of endless products such as wire, cable, paper and foil.

  • Non contact - wear free
  • Continuously variable torque
  • Slip power up to 2000W
  • Open and closed loop control

    We can also supply Heid Electromechanical Brakes and Clutches. All products are directly interchangeable with units supplied by ZF in the past. Even obsolete ZF brakes and clutches can be supplied.
  • Electrically operated single and multiple discs
  • Electrically operated single face designs
  • Safety brakes and clutches (for NC feed drives)
  • Toothed clutches

R+W Couplings and Torque Limiters

R+W offer state-of-the-art flexible shaft couplings, motor couplings, and line shafts for any precision application: backlash-free torque limiters, torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings, vibration dampening elastomer jaw-type couplings, compact miniature couplings, flexible servo couplings, axial zero backlash linear couplings, and high-quality line shafts.


R+W couplings fulfil the highest requirements and they are wear- and maintenance-free. All motor, shaft, and servo couplings, as well as torque limiters and line shafts are torsion resistant, with zero backlash. Every shaft coupling and line shaft is also available in stainless steel. CAD drawing files of every shaft coupling, torque limiter, and line shaft are available to download on our website.

Worner Stops

Wörner damped and undamped stops use compressed air to damp and stop pallets on all types of conveyor systems. They are designed to protect palletised loads, or the structure of the conveyor, from the repeated vibration of pallets colliding with dead stops, From 0.25 kg up to 1000 kg force.

  • Optimum damping
  • Short cycle times
  • Mechanical stability
  • Varying speeds
  • Noise reduction

ADE Werk Electric Linear Actuators

Specialist drive technology and electric linear actuators for a range of industrial sectors. 

A core area of expertise for ADE is the development of electric linear actuators for the operation of sluice gates in shipping canals. Benefits of the ADE system over hydraulics include low noise, no risk of lubricants contaminating the water, reduced maintenance costs, low energy costs, precise control of gates and motion and more.

Drive Lines are trained to cater for specialist cases and quote unique tailored systems. Download a application questionnaire from our website.

MS-Graessner KS Twingear Precision Helical Bevel Gearboxes

High performance and accurate precision. With its compact design this two stage gearbox with ratios up to 50:1 fits to almost all applications. Torsion resistant as well as minimal backlash lead to higher performance, even with high speed and high ratios.

Milled gear tooth cutting is to quality ≤DIN 3965 with a module max of 12.0 and ground tooth cutting quality 5 ≤DIN 3965 with a module max of 10.0

Linear Actuators

ADE-WERK have specialised in drive technology and electric linear actuators for almost 50 years, during which a complete range of standard products as well as special designs have been developed, which have been applied in many different industrial sectors. 

A core area of expertise for ADE is the development of electric linear actuators for the operation of sluice gates in shipping canals. Since the first installation in 1995, there are now over 900 drives of this type supplied by ADE in use thoughout mainland Europe. The growing trend to utilise electric actuators instead of traditional hydraulics have been fuelled by the environmental benefits and operating cost reductions the ADE unit offers:

  • Lubricants cannot leak into the water due to the fully enclosed design and high-grade seals employed
  • No need for trailing hydraulic hoses and the subsequent risk of hydraulic oil leakage
  • The linear push-pull forces are generated electro-mechanically
  • Integrated adjustable controls provide for stroke adjustment and control of maximum thrust force to provide precise control of gate motion and firm closure
  • Maintenance costs reduced substantially due to high wearing life of components and long interval lubrication
  • High mechanical efficiency drive system combined with power used only when operating (as against hydraulics) means lower energy costs
  • Low noise


  • Gate drives for radial gate, compound gate, wedge roller gate, rotating gate, etc
  • Weir drives for: fish gates, weir plates, etc
  • Bridge drives for: bridge actuation, bridge locking, etc
  • Lock gates for pleasure boats and flap gates
  • Barrage drives for flood control gate

Zimmer Braking and Clamping Elements

Zimmer offer high performance, maximum quality clamping and braking elements for linear positioning applications. Designed to suit most brands of linear ball guide and round shaft products, the innovative clamps are mounted beside linear carriages and pillow blocks to provide either hand, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping, as well as braking options.

Zimmer clamping and braking elements offer a new and innovative approach for positioning, holding and stopping applications. Here are some of the key benefits;

  • Small size with incredible holding force
  • No relative movement for the workpiece
  • No active clamping force on the guide carriage
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High rigidity
  • Long lifecycle
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent value
  • Custom solutions available on request
  • Series with special friction coating for brake lining material
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