Dry Ice Network (UK) Ltd

Since our establishment in 1995, we have focused on designing and manufacturing dry ice blasting machines and making dry ice pellets. We have expanded significantly and now offer many more services and solutions based around our dry ice cleaning capabilities and experience.

These include:

  • In-house cleaning services available from two cleaning bays
  • On site and in house training of customer’s operators
  • Production of dry ice pellets for blasting and other applications
  • Supply of packaging for transport of temperature controlled goods

Dry Ice Blaster Hire

We have a versatile and comprehensive dry ice blaster hire service. Perfect for customers who do not need a continual service, our dry ice blaster hire option includes the rental of all required accessories and the supply of dry ice pellets. The service can be acquired on short term rates or for longer periods.

Operator training and on-site start-up supervision is also available as part of the hire service.

Dry Ice Blaster Hire

Dry Ice Supplies

No matter what your dry ice requirement may be, we have the online products and solutions for you.

Our dry ice online service includes the supply of 3 and 16 mm dry ice pellets, from 7 kg packed in Polyboxes and sent out by next day parcel service, to 350 kg despatched in insulated containers by overnight road transport. Local users can collect from our Leicester production unit.

All our dry ice is food grade quality and our staff can guide users on packaging options for transport of temperature controlled goods and for the use of dry ice in bar, restaurant and entertainment applications. 

Dry Ice Supplies

Dry Ice Blasting Leicester

Our professional and varied services tailored towards dry ice blasting in Leicester are extensive. Our dry ice blasting in Leicester can meet all of your requirements. The safe way to clean, our dry ice service is unrivalled.

Our dry ice and cleaning solutions offer the following benefits to name a few:

  • No abrasion to metals and most other materials
  • No media ingress or debris
  • No chemical or solvent action
  • No media rebound and no secondary cleaning
  • Suitable for use in an open environment
Dry Ice Blasting Leicester

Dry Ice Supplies Leicester

Our dry ice supplies in Leicester are shipped throughout the UK on a next day basis in small lots (min 7 kg) for entertainment and cooling uses and in large insulated containers (max 350 kg) for dry ice cleaning applications.

We make our dry ice from food grade liquid CO2 and package it securely in well insulated boxes and containers to ensure our customers receive the best possible quality and a long shelf life from  dry ice supplies in Leicester.

Each shipment includes a safe handling guide and our staff are available to advise on the safety aspects of your application of our product.

Dry Ice Supplies Leicester

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