Duslasst BOT Ltd

Duslasst BOT Ltd are able to offer a wide range of operations including. Shot Blasting, Bead Blasting, Hot Zinc Metal Spraying, Painting of Epoxy Paint Systems, Bitumous Coatings, Alkyd Coatings and many more.  In recent past we have completed contracts for Rolls Royce, Alstom, and British Gypsum as well as subcontract work for the Ministry of Defence.

In addition to finishing fabricated plate and steelwork we are able to undertake a wide variety of refurbishment work and this can vary from ornamental ironwork through to classic car parts to components on industrial dump trucks. We are able to handle items upto 6 tonnes in weight with a shot blast cabinet size of 13m x 4.5m x 4m.

Our prices are competetive and our service is efficient.

If you have a requiremnt for Shot blasting, Bead blasting or Paint spraying, or you need advice on a finish system, please contact us for a quotation

Duslasst BOT Ltd Overview